Types Of Micro Computers

A micro computer is the type of small computer having the micro processor as its central processing unit. They can be the personal computer which are used for the daily use and their size is relatively smaller then the mini computers and micro computers. With the advent of the micro processor in 1970’s and 1980’s the use and popularity of micro processor became more common and its use is still much in use. There are different types of micro computers available offering a variety of features as per the changing needs of the technology and the size of their central processing unit (CPU). One of the types of micro computers includes the notebook micro computer which is smaller in size. The size is of the size of the notebook and so they are handy and are to carry. Their weight is mostly less than the kilogram. This ultra portable unit allows you to connect with the internet easily via a cable or a Wi-Fi. Now a days they have the built in web cams and micro phones available for the video conferences.

Desktop micro computers are the other major types of the micro computer which are convenient and provides the comfort for the users and they are used by placing them in the smooth table. There size is larger as compared to the note book and the laptop computers. They can perform a number of complex functions and it has many parts which are associated with the desktop computers. These components include the keyboard, mouse, monitor and system unit which are all connected with the desktop computer with the help of different wires. Other types of micro computers include the laptop micro computers which can be operated on the lab. They are relatively bigger in size and a little heavier then the notebook computers. They have the briefcase like style and they can perform all the functions of the desktop computer efficiently. They can perform different complex operations easily and a heavy and high technology is available in its small size.

Mini tower micro computers are the other types of micro computers that are made after the little modification on the system unit in which the system unit is placed beside the desktop. They also have the various parts which are connected with the help of the cables connection. Full tower micro computer are also types of micro computers which are closely related to the minitower micro computers except that the full tower micro computer are physically larger and wider than the mini tower computers. They can also perform a number of different complex operations of the computer.

Tower computer is another type of micro computers which have the mass storage device, mother board and the power supply which are arranged on each other in a cabinet. Unlike other desktop computers, tower computer which has a large space available in case of the additional installation. Due to its large capability of storing the information, it can easily perform the complex operation of the computer.