Types Of Mental Illness

What are the different types of mental illness? Mental disorders, or mental illness, are ailments that affect the way the normal person thinks, reacts, and behaves. These are normally characterized by disabilities and distress. Sometimes, there are patterns that are followed and some there are not. The thing is that there are many different types of mental illness. There are some that can affect only kids while some only affect adults. There are some that target a certain gender as well. To know more about these types of mental illness, read on.

The first of the many types of mental illness are the anxiety disorders. These are the disorders of the brain which makes people react differently to the different scenarios that occur. Most of the time, people with anxiety kinds of mental illness respond with dread and fear. They can be quite brutal and aggressive as well. The main signs and symptoms that are seen in people who have anxiety disorders include rapid heartbeat, sweating, nervousness, and the like. Anxiety disorders are determined when a certain scenario is played and the person reacts negatively to it. Most of the times, the person cannot even control the way he or she reacts to the scenario. Some of the most common anxiety types of mental illness are OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder, PTSD or post trauma stress disorder, panic attacks, social anxiety disorder, and many others. This also includes phobias and other panic disorders.

The second types of mental illness are the mood disorders. These are the types of mental illness wherein a person reacts inappropriately when a certain mood is elevated. These are also known as affective disorders. These are the types of mental illness where the person is experiences overly being emotional. The most common types of mood disorders include mania, depression, and bipolar.

Then we have the eating disorders. These are the types of disorders that involve a person’s eating habits. These are behaviors that occur when a person is in a certain state of mind. For instance, a person might result to binge eating when he or she gets depressed. Some of the most common eating types of mental illness are bulimia, anorexia, and others.

There are also impulse control as well as addiction kinds of mental illness. These are types of mental illness wherein people have problems to resist urges and impulses. They then end up having attitudes and behaviors that can affect him or her negatively. Some of the most common impulse control and addiction disorders are pyromania (fondness of starting fire), compulsive gambling, and kleptomania (otherwise known as stealing without reason). Also, these types of mental illness can be connected with alcohol and drug addiction. When a person experiences this, he or she will start neglecting and ignoring the responsibilities and relationships that they currently have.

Last, we have personality kinds of mental illness. These are mental ailments that cause people to have inflexibility in personality traits. These are commonly very distressing and can affect people that are around negatively as well.