Types Of Memory Used In Computers

As the years have progressed research and development has led to the introduction of new types of memory used in computers. While computers weren’t able to save much in the past, today these devices have a whole lot of data and information stored in them because they have a lot more memory than they used to at one time. There are more types of memory used in computers today as well.

The first of the various types of memory used in computers is the primary memory. You may not be able to tell the difference between the types of memory used in computers because instead of saying ‘primary memory’ people usually just use the word memory. It is directly linked to the CPU and the CPU is able to read information stored here at all times and any time you need the information to be extracted or saved you can do so at will.

RAM is a term you must come across a lot more than you would think and this refers to Random Access Memory. They are light, small but expensive because a lot of data is stored in these little devices. Think of these as the main source in which any information is saved.

Then, you’ve got another of the various types of memory used in computers- secondary memory. Unlike the primary memory storing device, information saved on these storage devices is not lost when the computer is shut down. They backup the information stored on the computer. Have you ever heard people say that they need to store their files in a backup device in case a virus hits their software? They are usually referring to backup technology and the term ‘backup technology’ refers to the secondary memory storing device. Nowadays it is possible to buy these types of devices separately. USBs are common examples of these types of memory used in computers and they can be detached and used to extract or store information later on.

Both types of memory used in computers are important. Primary memory storage devices will store information while the computer is on but as soon as it is switched off the memory cannot be extracted until the computer is switched back on. If you work on your laptop and hit the ‘Save’ tab after you do some work on Microsoft Word/Excel, you will actually be saving work on your primary memory storage device. Switch the computer/laptop off and you will not be able to extract this information until you switch the device back on. This is a typical idea of primary memory storage device- your computer itself is the storage device in this case and only when you switch your computer on again you will be able to extract information stored on it.

A secondary memory storing device is one of those types of memory used in computers which would benefit you even after you shut down your laptop or computer because the information is stored on a separate device altogether.