Types Of Memory Slots

A memory slot is anything in which a device can be put in order to save data and information and this memory device can then, be used again in order to retrieve information or to put it back into the computer so that it can be downloaded and used on a particular computer instead. Some of these are in mobiles and you would basically find various types of memory slots on and/or in different devices that are all used for the same purpose. Mobiles, smartphones and laptops have these types of memory slots as well.

SIMM slots are one of the many types of memory slots that are used nowadays though they were much more popular earlier in the day. These types of memory slots came with slots of with and varying sizes and were and are used in different types of laptops today. If you take a look at the motherboard of a laptop or a computer you would find these types of memory slots on them because that is where these types of memory slots store memory for and can be or are utilized later on. This way they retrieve information for later usage.

Then, there are DIMMs which are typically used in modern computers nowadays and you would be able to find them on almost all computers too. DIMM stands for dual inline memory modules and unlike the previous types of memory slots, mentioned above, it is not necessary to install these in pairs. There are multiple contacts and a larger number of pins that are used in these types of memory slots and they tend to be much faster and more efficient that SIMMs which is why quite a few modern computers make use of DIMMs instead of SIMMs now and manufactured with DIMMs too.

These modules can be pressed into the DIMM slots and that way they would be held in place and can retrieve information. There are different types of memory slots where even DIMM slots are concerned because of the fact that these come in different sizes and while some slots may be too small, others would be much larger for some modules as well. These types of memory slots can be found in various sizes and similarly the pins of the DIMM slots come in varying sizes as well. These can be seen in computers, laptops and such like. In computers these types of memory slots may be larger while in laptops they would be smaller.

RIMMs are also types of memory slots that have much greater bandwidth than the SIMM but the disadvantage is that they get overheated very quickly and they are much more expensive than the previous two types of memory slots as well. Though the RIMM was useful, the reasonable prices of the DIMMs and the fact that these had better bandwidth is why people found the latter types of memory slots much more advantageous and useful- the DIMMs had more to offer and at a cheaper rate.