Types Of Memory Processing

The memory is our brain’s storage location and there are types of memory processing methods that occur there to be able to make it function right. You see, there are many kinds of memories too. But the point is that we are able to understand how the types of memory processing work to be able to get to understand our memory even more.

Encoding is the first of the three types of memory processing methods. This is the process wherein we get information to our memory. There are times when we consciously encode data and information to our brain. However, there are also times when we unconsciously do it as well. There are three ways on how these types of memory processing methods work. When you hear of structural encoding, it means that you made sure that you are able to focus on the things that you want to encode to your memory by looking at them. Phonemic types of memory processing encoding methods pertain to encoding the information to our memory that we picked up through sound. Semantic encoding, lastly, pertains to the way we remember data and details based on their meanings. From all the three encoding types of memory processing methods, the ones that will require most of your attention would be semantic as the first two comes naturally and most of the time, automatic.

Storage types of memory processing methods pertain to the different ways on how we keep the memories in our brain. The storage part of our memory comes in three stages too – sensory, short term, and long term. Sensory memory is the memory storage of the senses. They contain a large space but the memories stored there are not processed and hence can be forgotten quite quickly. Short term storage memory pertains to the sensory memories that have been processed already. However, it is important that you are able to understand that the short term memory lasts only 20 seconds. The long term storage memory is the one with the biggest capacity. This is where we keep the memories that we want to remember. This is where we keep information about the things that we have learned as well.

Retrieval types of memory processing methods pertain to the methods on how the brain is able to get the data and information from the storage and make use of it. There are some psychologists who use hypnotism to take out long term memories and retrieve them. But the trick here really is to be able to think of cues on how the brain will be able to associate a certain memory for it to retrieve them. For instance even when we have not ridden a bike for the longest time, if we get on it and start paddling, we will be able to remember how to ride it. There are people who opt to put themselves in the same situation to remember things that they want to remember. There are others who use their senses such retrieving a certain memory when we smell a certain scent or hear a certain song.