Types Of Memory Of Computer Systems

Nowadays there are computers in most houses in the whole world, but it’s possible, that only few computer users know about the types of memory of computer systems.

Computer memory is an electronic device that keeps needful applications and files. There are different types of memory of computer systems. Two main types of computer memories are primary memory and secondary memory.

Primary memory:

Primary memory is the main memory, thanks to it; computer user can reach any data by the processor. It’s better to use primary memory for computer’s self-maintenance, this way your computer will be fast processing. Primary memory includes RAM (random access memory) and ROM (read only memory).

With RAM computer can keep any needful data that can be reached by processor at any time. There are two kinds of RAM: SRAM, means Static Random Access Memory and DRAM, means Dynamic Random Access Memory.

Secondary memory

The function of the secondary memory is storing data, for example documents, pictures and so on. The processor can’t directly contact this type of memory of computer’s system; first it opens the application and stores data with it. Secondary memory includes: punching device, magnetic tape, floppy disk, optical disk, hard drive, flesh disk.

Punching device: punching devices are Punch Tapes and Punch Cards. Punch tape is a paper strip, 0.1 mm thick paper strip, that is used for keeping data in a punched hole form. Punch Cards keep instructional data of operation for computer.

Magnetic Tape: this type of memory of computer systems was created in 1928. It keeps data in sequential order and this data can be reached only in sequential order. Magnetic tape can send data closely 7200 characters in a second.

Floppy disk: on the memory of floppy disk responsibles are plastic-coated, thin film and magnetic thing. Nowadays computers are not integrated with this type of memory of computer systems.

Optical Drivers: almost everyone uses optical drivers very comfortably, maybe you too, but you may do not know, that they are optical drivers. Optical rivers are CD (compact disk) and DVD (digital video disk). CDs are used for storing audio recordings mostly and DVD is used for storing audio and video recordings. CD was created in the 20th century and the format of DVD was based on the format of CD.

Hard disk drivers: HDD for short, this type of memory of computer systems is a dominant one. It contains rotating disks, they have magnetic heads and they are responsible for writing and reading data. HDD was created by IBM in the 20th century. HDD was bought by the users of PC and Mac. HDD is a portable type of memory of computer systems, so it needs USB cable for plugging in and playing. Memory of HDD is 2 terabyte big.

Flesh drives: they are also very popular types of memory of computer systems. Flesh drivers are small and flexible for portion. It stores the data using flesh memory. It is used for storing many kinds of data, for example: documents, audio and video recordings, pictures and so on. As you see computers have very strong memory system.