Types Of Memory Foam

Memory foam is nothing but the polyurethane and thus it increases the density and viscosity by use of additional chemicals. There are different types of memory foam and every specific type has different specifications. Every version of the memory foam is helpful for a specific use, body temperature and requirement. Understanding the variants is necessary for an individual to come across the right product. Continue to read ahead as we provide complete information related to the variants of memory foam existing in the market.

1. Traditional memory foam mattresses

Traditional types of memory foam mattresses consist of innerspring over a layer of foam mattress. The mattress was capable of reducing pressure points and offer comfortability to the body. Decrease in the pressure from the body increases blood circulation and improves better sleep. Over a period, improvement in technology has helped companies come up with anti-dust and antimicrobial foam mattresses. This has become very important as most people suffer from allergies. The traditional memory foam mattress reduces motion transfer. There is a great reduction in the movement from a restless sleeper from one side of the bed to the other side of the bed. The spring action present beneath a layer of the foam mattress controls the motion movement and creates an independent sleeping layer for each individual on the bed.

2. Aircool memory foam mattresses

Aircool types of memory foam mattresses share most of the technology from the traditional memory foam mattresses. These mattresses are known at reducing pressure and motion transfer to a greater extent. These mattresses are antimicrobial and anti-dust might. There is a greater increase in response in comparison to traditional memory form, which eliminates the quicksand feeling often reported by customers. This specific foam mattress utilises the open cell structure, which in turn increases airflow and reduces heat retention. In comparison to the traditional foam mattress, Aircool mattress is softer and offers increased comfortability to the user.

3. Gel memory foam mattresses

Gel types of memory foam mattresses is a third-generation foam mattresses with increased comfortability and prolong the life. The new generation foam mattress eliminates the motion transfer and further reduces pressure. These mattresses are known for their increased warranty in comparison to the about to types of memory foam mattresses. These foam mattresses are infused with gel, which is often found in sports shoes and shoe soles. The use of the gel has increased the life of the mattress. It is more durable than traditional foam mattress. These memory foam mattresses also offer increased stability, support, feel and comfortability to the user.

The above-mentioned three different types of memory foam mattresses meet the requirement of different individuals. It is necessary to consider the level of comfortability to select the best product from the competitor market. Spending a few moments on the mattress will make it possible for the individual to understand the comfort and the softness a specific mattress offers. With complete information in hand, an individual is in a position to select the best mattress for a good night sleep.