Types Of Memory Cards For Computers

Memory cards are small-sized devices which are not bigger than that of a thumbnail and are used for storing various data. The data includes images, music, movies, games, photos, several documents, programs, and much more. There are different types of memory cards for computers which are available in a wide variation of shapes as well as sizes. However, the main purpose of all types of memory cards for computers is to store data. Besides computers, memory cards are also used in many other electronic devices for instance television, game devices, printers, smart phones and many more.

Typically, memory cards of different types are portable and can be easily used to plug into several devices in order to store and transfer information. Compact flash memory cards are the types of memory cards for computers that consist of a memory controller along with flash memory chip. Normally, the flash memory cards are divided into two types according to their dimensions: type 1 compact flash memory cards-42.88mm x 36.4mm x 3.3mm and type 2 compact flash memory cards-42.8mm x 36.4 x 5.5mm.

The memory stick cards are the types of memory cards for computers that are basically based on NAND flash memory circuits. As compared to other memory cards for computers, the memory stick is quite small in size and is also light weight. Like compact flash memory cards, the memory stick cards are also available in two types as ‘normal’ memory stick and ‘magic gate’. MMC or multimedia cards are another type of memory cards for computers and are actually based on the combination of ROM. MMC are very small in size and are divided into types as multimedia cards 3.3v and multimedia cards 5v.

Secure digital memory cards are the types of memory cards for computers that are patterned according to the advanced electronic audio as well as video devices. These memory cards are available in three types as standard secure digital cards, mini secure digital card, and micro secure digital cards. Another type of memory card for computer is named as smart media card which are produced by Samsung and Toshiba. These cards are also based on the NAND type of flash memory circuit and are quite less in weight. xD or extreme digital picture card is another type of memory card for computers and are very small in size as well as light in weight. This type of memory cards are mainly used for digital cameras and are usually substituted by SD cards. SD or secure digital memory cards are used widely all around the globe and are available in variant capacities as well as speeds.

Reduced size multimedia card or RS MMC is the type of memory card for computers that is actually based on the same technology as that of MMC and the performance rendered is also quite similar. Nevertheless, the size of RS MMC is almost half the size of MMC which makes it perfect to be used in today’s slim and slender smart phones.