Types Of Media Sources

In the world of today there are various types of media sources and while some of these have existed since a long time, others have been relatively newer on the scene due to recent technological developments. One of the oldest types of media sources are newspapers. Newspapers have existed since the 1800s and these types of media sources made it possible for news to be circulated in certain vicinity earlier. Gradually, from residences, these were made and sold on a large scale as more people were made aware of the benefits of the possibility of news get circulated in this form around the city.

The television is another of the various types of media sources which makes it possible to get everyone to listen to the news and be aware of certain happening, events and such like around the world. This way the media is able to reach a wider audience and they could explain what they wrote in newspapers in a more detailed and a lengthier manner as well. These types of media sources only became popular in the 1950s when more people were able to afford televisions but even then there was a lack of diversity because there weren’t many channels one could flip through.

Magazines, too, are another type of media sources that allow the circulation of certain types of information amongst certain types of audiences. Some magazines are made for women, others for men and then, there are those that are made for both. These types of media sources are made in order to attract the largest possible number of people from either of the two segments and they display certain type of information that may not be interesting to the opposite gender. You would often see that any women’s magazines are way more detailed, glossy and informative in some ways than magazines that are made for men.

Nowadays the most powerful types of media sources are those that are made available online. Many newspapers, magazines and books are sold online. Technology has made it possible to read these off of the internet on websites of different sorts. Many newspaper companies have shut down their newspaper manufacturing branches because now the same information is made available online in the form of e-newspapers and these display the same content as newspaper that is made and sold otherwise. These types of media sources are also way cheaper than the use of newspapers too.

These are some types of media sources that are the most widespread and some of these are quite popular even today. For example, women and men still purchase magazine that are related to fitness and health because they like flipping through pages and many also like to buy books for the same reason. These types of media sources are known as print media and newspapers are also included in these. These can also be seen on smartphones and tablets as well.

These are the 4 main types of media sources in the world of today.