Types Of Media Players

Media Players are the softwares used to play audio, multimedia files, and videos. Most types of media players are available for absolutely free of cost and designed to function of various operating systems such as Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac OS operating systems. Some types of media players are developed to play on portable devices, proprietary hardware and television supporting different formats of files. These media players are updated frequently with the advancement in technology and rise in popularity.

While numerous persons wouldn’t be apprehended without their intelligent phones, other persons are realizing how intelligent it is to go with portable players. Portable digital media player devices appeal more buyers all the time with features that have some definite advantages over smart telephones. Smart phones secure users in to long-term service agreements with monthly billings that can add up rapidly, even for the most basic facts and figures service designs, which can then constraint users from certain Internet access to and communications. Here are different types of media players that are currently available and used by many users.

Types of media players

Windows Media Player:

Windows media player is one among the top types of media players designed to run on windows and its latest version is version 11. It also supports the new file formats such as Windows Media Audio Pro and WAV apart from the regular file formats like AVI, MP3, MP4, etc. Albums are organized based on different parameters like issue date, singers, artists or genre. The enhanced client interface has new choices and more library classes to shop and play millions of music tracks. They are also synced to play on another apparatus like a mobile telephone.


iTunes is the type of media player that is designed to play of both Mac and Windows operating systems. It is also used to sync the files to iPhone, iPod and Apple TV. You can browse by artist, year, album, rating and other parameters. Latest version is iTunes 8 and it automatically creates the playlists.

GOM Media Player:

GOM Media Player play almost all file formats like without any additional software. It runs on all the Windows operating system. Use the constructed in codec finder for the couple of formats not internally sustained. This media player also supports the broken or corrupted documents and get playback directly without waiting for entire download. The standard product includes a constructed in computer display arrest tool, setting customization and pop-out play list.

VLC Media Player:

VLC Media player is open source media player software that has the capability of recording live streaming video, with advancing frame by frame and also has the ability to play back slow or fast. It is also provided with customized toolbars for better functionality.

Winamp Media Player:

Winamp media player is designed with three versions and that are completely free. It is developed with about 35 features to track, share and store the previously played playlists. It has additional features such as sync, import and online radio. It also supports many languages, different file formats, and plugins.

There are other types of media players as well that supports several file formats and developed to play on all types of available operating systems.