Types Of Media Platforms

When you talk about the different types of media platforms, you are actually referring to the various forms of media. These act as platforms for the media because this is where the media launches certain information from and that is also where the media is able to get information. These platforms are actually modes rather than anything else. Over the years science and technology has introduced different types of media platforms and the media has now grown and become an important part of our lives as it informs us about many things.

One of the many types of media platforms is print media. Print media is basically the use of words on papers to inform others about something. Magazines, posters, books and articles are all included in these types of media platforms. When you read something on a newspaper, you are actually using one of the 3 main types of media platforms. Print media is actually one of the oldest types of media platforms because it has been a mode of informing people about different types of happenings and such like around the world since the 1800s. However due to the internet, many people are now using another of the various types of media platforms instead- the internet.

The internet has rapidly become one of the most widely used of all types of media platforms. Everyone uses it- from an 8 year old child to teenagers and adults make use of the internet because everything is now available online. Books and newspapers can be read online and many people now download books, magazines and newspapers online to read them because it is convenient, cheap and affordable. Even most marketers and advertisers are now aggressively using these types of media platforms because it makes it easier for them to reach a wider audience.

The television is another of the various types of media platforms. Where the television is concerned, various news channels and talk show hosts give us information that we may not come across online. The television also informs us of what is happening around the world though different channels explain the happenings in different ways and some of the may be biased in their views, approaches and such like. These types of media platforms are generally known to bias. In the US, for example, there are channels that support the democrats and then, there are those that support the republicans and both only tell one side of the picture.

These are the most common types of media platforms that are being used today. All of them do one thing- inform people about what is going on around the world whether in the form of websites, books, radio, television, talk shows or anything of the sort. Movies are also tools used by the media to inform or brainwash people. Prior to World War Two many countries used newspapers in order to instill hatred in the people of some countries against Germany.

These are the 3 most widely used types of media platforms.