Types Of Media Messages

Why focus on the different types of media messages? Because media is a powerful means of mobilizing mass opinion. It has become so powerful that today it can easily mould opinions. There are various types of media messages that cater to different section of people for different purposes. Media messages serve multiple purposes; they can sell services, products or such materialistic things or something as serious as an idea. That is the position that media occupies and nothing can actually challenge that.

Media message is an abstract category which is difficult to define. There are various types of media messages that are both commercial and non-commercial. The way media interprets things and presents before an audience is what the term broadly refers to. A news report, an incident or an interview can all be broken down into a particular media message.

A lot of corporate houses today use media strategically so as to make use of the various types of media messages because media through its messages can help form a positive or negative image of anything or anyone. If it is positive then it definitely works in the favour of any organisation or individual. Presenting the message rightly in front of the media and targeting appropriate media targets can do wonders. In the process of finding avenues that do good to you and your image, it is important to understand the functioning of the media, what interests them and the likes and then accordingly, working on the types of media messages.

Media messages are highly subjective. This is precisely the reason why a single media message is not found interesting by all sorts of people. That is why there are various types of media messages. These are created by people working in the sector and a lot of it comes to us through their paradigm.

Packaging and presenting the various types of media messages is in itself a very cumbersome and demanding task. A lot of editing goes into it. So, the final message which we come across has gone through a series of processes. We, as an audience, do not get to see the things that go behind it. We just have in front of us the finished product subject to various opinions and biases. Understanding the mechanism of media text involves a lot of complexities. Sometimes media can be taken for granted and the various types of media messages can go unnoticed and sometimes neglected.

Media today has traversed much beyond the realm of communication and has almost taken over every sector possible. Types of media messages have also gone through transformation and are not just restricted to news items anymore. It can be an advertisement or an interview or any report that can act as a media message.

Therefore, we can say that media is a large body that has an impact on all of us in some way or other. The various types of media messages in different forms mould our opinions and give us a perspective of viewing things around us in a different light. Thus, the better we try to decode the hidden meaning of these media messages, the better it will for us.