Types Of Media Industries

There can’t be such people on this world who have never heard the name ‘Media’. Various types of media industries can be found in the present age. Media industries indicate the ‘mass media’ in practical. So, television, radio, internet etc can be included here. Media is actually the communications channels through which mass people can be concerned through some easiest ways.

This industry is one of the most profitable and attractive sector. In fact, for the smart people, there can be huge options for lucrative jobs for the smart people as media play the key role to make publicity. The media can cover the whole world in the modern age. In fact, all of we need to be connected with all most all the types of media industries.

There can be different kind of media industries. We have discussed them shortly:

Film Industries:

These are the main attractions for the film makers. The films which we watch in the cinema halls or in the TV screens are produced by the film industries. So, in the film industries, the films are made in commercial basis, though, all the films are not produce for commercial purpose.

TV industry:

Satellite and terrestrial channels can be considered in the TV industry. A huge number of jobs can be found in this TV industry. It is really tough to know the exact number of the channels presented right now as the number is increasing in every moment. There are so many types of channels there too. For example, sports, news, geography, Movie songs, movies, science, cultural and so on.

Animation industry:

Animation industry is another remarkable industry. The animations can be made for films, advertisements and any other forms. In the present age, many movie lovers love the animation films. Research is going on this. So, we can say that among the types of media industries, animation industry is growing one which has vast potentials.

Music industry:

Music is not for only entertainment now-a-days. Music is not only produced from the voice of the singer. The technology can make huge effects on music. Probably, there is no one in this universe who doesn’t love music. So, muics industry is also a growing one.

Photo industry:

Pictures are produces through the photo industry. It’s also a potential one as the photos are used for various purposes. It’s a profitable one too.

Newspaper industry:

Newspaper is another one among the types of media industries. The newspapers can be read in online and offline too.

Radio industry:

Once, the radios were about two lost. But, now it is again in touch of the modern people and creates huge attractions.

Web industry:

site, web servers, network securities etc are produced by this industry.

Adverts industry:

Adverts for different companies, organizations etc are produced from this industry.

Publishing industry:

Newspapers, journals, books etc published from this industry.

Panavision industry:

IT produces cameras, lenses etc.

So these are the common types of media industries. Still, the categories can be made from different angles.