Types Of Media Design

There are different types of media design and in order to understand these it is first important to understand what the purpose of media design is. Media design is something that is used to present certain information in a certain way. For example, would you wear pajamas to work? No, because you need to be presentable and you have to wear certain attire at your work place so that you are taken seriously and are considered to be serious about your job. That theory also applies to media design.

Print media is one of the types of media design that you need to take into account and consider. This is used when publishing books, newspapers, magazines and comics. These types of media design ensure that such information is presented in a manner that is acceptable and can be understood by people reading the material. A design that does not go with the information provided would make the information and the design seem incompatible. For example, if you were to design a book on poverty in the world, it would make sense to take pictures of places and people that have been and are affected by media as well.

Brand media is another of the various types of media design. A brand is used in order to distinguish yourself or a company from another company and so, every brand has its own uniqueness. In order to attract people to a brand you need to use a design that would attract them and make them want to buy a product or to make use of a product. You need to be able to come with a design that expresses your brand identity and tells a sort of a story to people so that they are subconsciously attracted to you and that is where these types of media design would be useful.

Another of the various types of media design is the one used for advertisement. If you have seen billboards and print media that has anything to do with media designing, you would be able to notice that the types of media design in this case would vary from, say, the types of media design used in order to talk about an issue in some part of the world. You would even notice vehicle advertisements that are used in order to advertise certain companies and the types of media design would vary in these situations as well.

Animation media is one of the most popular and fastest growing of all types of media design. Watch any animated movie, look at any cartoon or go online and browse the internet and these types of media design would be very obvious and apparent to you. Everything that is shown on these belongs to certain types of media design that are used in order to present something to you or someone to you in the form of an animation. Video productions and 2D and 3D animations come under these types of media design as well