Types Of Media Bias

In the world of today technology and the television has made it very easy to split peoples’ and organizations’ opinions and that is due to the existence of various types of media bias. Different channels are bias in their own ways. Some people tend to think that the media is in the back pocket of a particular politician or such like while others believe that people are inclined towards certain stances and opinions because of their general nature and way of being. That is why you would come across several types of media bias in the world of today.

One of the various types of media bias is advertising bias. As the title of these types of bias suggests- it is when the media portrays information and advertisements in order to please the media that such form of bias can be seen. These guys tend to want to please advertisers because of which they would display content that is in support of the stand, stance and views of the media of particular advertisers. It is actually quite common- subtle but common- and you can see such bias everywhere and on all forms of media too.

Then, there is religious bias. These types of media bias tend to create a lot of trouble in countries and they also ruin diplomatic ties. The display of content and information that is in support of and/or against a particular religious segment is what comes under these types of media bias and they tend to create a lot of issues. News channels may emphasize more on the misdemeanors and attacks carried out by one particular religious branch or sect and they would then, focus on it to the extent that it makes followers of that particular religion look bad. This is also very common nowadays.

There are also those types of media bias that focus more on what the government of a country wants than on anything else and these types of media bias, though not harmful, tend to be done in order to support a certain political party- or so it is believed. They tend not to say anything against the current government and they only give information that is good rather than criticizing the government and giving people ‘both sides of the picture’. Again, these types of media bias or common and can be seen in every country around the world.

Mainstream bias is one of those types of media bias where the information that is showed by a few channels are shown by all and anything that may be offensive or that may not be shown by other channels will not be shown at all. This could either be done to avoid conflict or to put ‘wool over people’s eyes’ so that they do not know of what all is going around them. These types of media bias are quite common to though some people do talk about these incidents and focus upon them in books, newspapers and such like as well.