Types Of Media Audiences

Audience may be an individual or a group of people who take interest in your work. Audience plays a very important role in making you a success or a failure. If there would be no audience for your work, there will be no one to watch your work. Perhaps without an audience there would be no media. Different organisations produce media text for the audience and if there would be no audience, the organisations would earn no profits. Media audience is the sole of the work you have created. Different types of media require different types of audiences. Let us see how by looking at the many types of media audiences that are described here-

* Mass Audience- certain works are created for a large group of people. This media addresses a mass audience. This audience is also known as broadcast audience. Here the texts created spread to a large number of people through mass communication. Televisions, newspapers, magazines- mediums that need a mass audience are some of its examples. Without a proper type of audience the work would be unsuccessful and hence would earn no profit. To create a mass audience for your media work, advertisements on a large scale are required. A movie release is only possible when it attracts the amount of mass audience it needs. Without the proper communication of the movie, the movie would not be a success. These types of media audiences are very important because mass communication and mass media creates demand for the texts and works produced and hence also helps to develop a social atmosphere.

* Niche Media audience- niche audience is said to be of a much smaller scale than mass audience but is very influential as it is the target group consisting of a particular group of people. The work created is communicated to some interested lot of people who will surely follow your work and also like it. Some examples of various types of media audiences are- audience for a stage show, certain types of magazines, other texts and many more. These works and texts are meant for a special lot of people who are interested. Niche audience is a group of people with specific tastes and preferences.

* Social media audience- this is the most famous among the various types of media audiences. People are making their social life very interesting. They are uploading various photos and videos on their social profile so as to attract as many people as they can. If there would be no one to watch the stuff you are uploading, it would serve no purpose. Your social life would be of no use if there is no proper audience. So social media audience is very important among the various types of media audiences. This type of audience may be both mass media audience or even niche audience. It is because sometimes you upload stuff which is meant for a specific group of people and sometimes you want to spread the message universally.

These are the certain types of media audiences described and only through the understanding of these types of media audiences can you make the most of their impact.