Types Of Media Art

Artists use different types of media art for their presentations and artworks. For a better understanding and appreciation of the role of art, it is pertinent to know these different types of media art and the techniques, tools, and rationales for using a specific tool.


Painting is one of the oldest of all types of media art used today. It can be simple or a complex painting depending on the motive of the painter and his level of painting skills. It is the renaissance artists made painting a very dominant art field with works of Leonardo Da Vinci (Mona Lisa) and other notable artists. Though the brush is the main tool used in painting, there are other very important tools such as buckets, rollers, and ladles. There are different types and grades of paints used in artworks, which are either based on industrial paint gallons or traditional paint tubes. For painters, almost everything can be used as a painting surface.


Drawing is the most common of all types of media art. Everybody draws no matter what tools used for drawing. But drawing for media art always have a professional outlook. A lot of artists prefer drawing when they want to pass information or explore problems.


Unlike drawing, sculpture entails more work and time from the artist. In old times, sculpture was the act of using materials and creating things that are strikingly similar to a real object.

But today, most artists have taken a stronger dimension with the use of real life objects as raw materials for their sculpture making.


Photography is one of the most recent of all types of media art. In the present world, it can be assessable and done through several means, including camera and cell phones. It is a very important form of media art which requires a photographic skill for the professional level.


A lot of contemporary artist feel that art should be dynamic and active. This is exactly what performance act does – taking art out of the walls and putting it where it will be easily seen by anyone. Performance art is the only art among all types of media art that makes people see art as life itself rather than mere drawing and painting.

New Media

These types of media art have been embraced as a result of the increasing importance and role of information technology in everyday life. Technology has cut across various sections of life, including art. Artist can now experiment with keyboards, computers, and video cameras to add to the dimension of the movement, sound, and time of images.

Installation Art

Three dimensional art is in vogue now and the formal flat footed paintings and drawings is fading to the background. Installation art makes room for the creation of environments within a space which will enhance of change the space itself.


Architecture has been a homemade art for several hundreds of years. Not anymore, as the crease in population and the rise of cities has created the need to erect tailor made buildings.