Types Of MBA Degrees

There are different types of MBA degrees available for people seeking for advanced business degrees. They are available in different programs and specifications. Below are the types of MBA degrees that many universities and colleges offer:

2-year MBA (Full Time Program)- As a full time program, this is among the types of MBA degrees that requires full time attendance. This means that one cannot combine the program with work at the same time. This type of program is offered by most universities and colleges.

* Accelerated MBA Program– This type of program is usually flexible and you can opt to take classes during winter or summer breaks. It is comparable to the full time program but is usually completed within 18 months and has lesser breaks between semesters.

* Weekend or Part time MBA programs: These types of MBA degrees are very common among working adults, because it gives them the opportunity to attend class on weekday evenings or on weekends. One negative side of this program is the longer duration of the program.

* Executive MBA Program: This is for business executives who want to enroll into an executive program that is flexible enough for them to combine studies with their business.

* MBA Program (Distance learning): This is also one of the types of MBA degrees that enable working class persons to study for an MBA while working or taking care of their business. Classes for this program are normally held in the computer which allows you more flexibility in managing time. You can complete your coursework at any time you want.

Dual MBA degrees: These types of MBA degrees allow you to combine your MBA program with another related discipline. The most popular of these MBAs is the JD/MBA program which is a combination of a Juris Doctor with an MBA. Other similar programs are MBA/PhD program and MBA/MA program.

Now that you have known the different types of MBA degrees, you may want to know specific interests or specializations that one can enroll into. Below are the MBA specializations you can choose from;

MBA in Health Care Management: This MBA is specifically for people in the healthcare sector who want to prepare themselves for middle or upper level management. When applying for this type of program, ensure that you have some medical credentials because most of the institutions would require some credentials in the medical field for admission into the program.

* MBA in HR (Human Resources)- This prepares an individual for a human resource position. Here, the individual learns how to manage employees by understanding how to advertise for positions, recruit, hire, train, and evaluate employees’ performances.

MBA in marketing – this MBA specialization prepares an individual for marketing positions which include, sales and advertizing essentials, writing ad copy, media purchasing and other marketing related activities.

There are other specifications and types of MBA degrees that are offered by most universities and colleges, including MBA in communication, MBA in finance, and MBA in Entrepreneurship. You can also opt for a general MBA with no attached specifications. This type of MBA degree is commonly known as Vanilla MBA.