Types Of Massage

What are the different types of massage? Massage is technically defined as the act of manipulating the different layers of the skin and muscle for many different reasons. These reasons can be therapy, relaxation, or simply pleasure. This is why there are many different types of massage. The most popular types of massage are the Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, shiatsu, Thai massage, and pregnancy massage among others.

Swedish massage therapy is among the well-known types of massage in the United States. This is also the most simple. Here, massage therapists are gently using long strokes with kneading and circular movement. When these types of massage are done, oil or lotion can be applied.

Aromatherapy massages are types of massage that employ the use of scented oils. The smell of these scented oils are known to bring about a different level of relaxation and calmness to the person being massaged. Aside from the relaxing aroma, there some therapists that will give you an option on which oil to use .They have oils that are stress reducing, energizing, balancing, and many others. Around the world, probably the most favored massage oils are the ones that have the lavender scents. Most people who get aromatherapy massages are those who are so stressed out physically and emotionally. Indeed, just one session of these types of massage and you will surely feel fine.

Hot stone massages are those types of massage that employ the aid of smooth and heated stones. These stones are placed on some points of the body. These stones are said to provide balance in the energy centers and loosen the tight muscles. Sometimes, the therapist may use the stones to apply a small pressure on them. The warmth of the stones will surely give you comfort and will take out the tension in your muscles.

Deep tissue massages are types of massage that target the deeper muscle layers as well as connective tissues. These are the types that are used to massage chronically tight muscles and painful ones as well. Some people feel sore after getting these types of massage. However, they feel better in the long run.

Shiatsu massages are types of massage wherein finger pressure is used. The acupuncture medians of the body are pressed with the massage therapists fingers for around 8 seconds. That’s pretty much it. Surprisingly, this seemingly simple method can bring about relaxation beyond compare – without the soreness involved.

Thai massage also targets the body energies by gentle pressure, like the shiatsu. However, the main difference is that Thai massage involves stretches and compressions that will surely reduce your stress levels as well as improve your range of motion and flexibility.

Lastly, pregnancy massage is, well, massage that is done to pregnant women. You see, there are lots of things a pregnant woman cannot do. This massage type is believed to bring the unborn baby to the most desired position for childbirth. Other reasons of pregnancy massage include reducing stress and anxiety as well as relieving the aches and pains brought about by pregnancy.