Types Of Love

What are the different types of love? Love is defined as a strong affection to a person. It is characterized by a strong attachment to a person. It can be for a family member, a friend or a lover. It can be for a teacher or some other people too. The thing is that do you know that there are many different types of love? There are seven different types of love, they are – liking, companionate, empty, fatuous, infatuation, romantic, and consummate.

Liking is like the first step of the types of love. Here, there is a high level of intimacy but there are no commitments involved. There are no passions involved either. These are types of love that start out as friendship. The people involved enjoy being with each other but there are no feelings of passion between them. Also, these types of love do not involve any commitment like that of a family member.

Companionate love, as the name implies, are types of love that are used to explain that of long romantic relationships. Here, there is intimacy involved unlike in the liking types of love. There is also commitment in these types of love. However, there is no sexual passion here. Here, you enjoy being with the person who you love as a companion. But of course, just like any human would, each of the people involved may be annoyed or irritated. But the thing is that due to the love they feel for each other they will forget these differences.

Empty loves are types of love wherein there is commitment. However, these types of love do not have passion as well as intimacy. An example of this are couples who live under the same roof but live separate lives. Most of the time people who are experiencing empty love live together because of family reasons.

Fatuous love combines the power of commitment and passion. However, there is no intimacy. When couples fall instantly and marry quickly, this is often what results. You see, a love without intimacy is a fatuous love. The people involved here want to make it work as they are committed to each other, but most of the time will not end up working.

Infatuation is defined as love at first sight. This is characterized with passion but without intimacy. It is also without commitment. This is why these are the types of love that are easy come, easy go. The feelings can go as quickly as they appeared. There is nothing really wrong with being infatuated, really. As long as you are able to keep the fire going, then that will be as great.

Romantic love is basically everything together. This is passionate love with intimacy and passion and with commitment. This is the type of love that gives us the feeling of fusion – the feeling that everything is great and is happy.

Consummate love, lastly, is the most perfect among all the other types. Here, the strongest forms of intimacy, commitment, and passion are present. This is what true love is about, when it comes to relationships.