Types Of Literary Genres

Critics belonging to a specific category base types of literary genres on content, literary technique, tone and definition. Literature is defined as the art of words. It is divided into two major forms – fiction and non-fiction. Poetry and prose are the major techniques established in the field of literature. There is a possibility for presence of factual information in a specific literature. Most often, writers use their imagination to create characters and content that emphasizes rhythmic quality of the language. Continue to read ahead as we provide information related to numerous categories existing in the field of literature.

1. Major types of literary genres

This is the major classification of literary and offers the author the ability to include their content into the right category. Every category has its own importance and related structure that defects story, poem or a novel.

a. Novel

b. Poem

c. Drama

d. short story

2. Types of literary genres fall under fiction and non-fiction category. Fiction events are invented by the author, whereas the content of and non-fiction consists of factual information.

a. Common genres for fiction

1. Drama – it affects the story in a prose, where emotions and conflicts are expressed in form of action and dialogue.

2. Fairytale – it contains story related to magical creatures and fairies, especially targeted for children.

3. Fantasy – it provides the author the ability to invite suspension into reality and create new characters and worldly sittings.

4. Horror – it provides an opportunity for the author to create fear and evoke the feeling of dread.

5. Humour – A fiction consisting of excitement, fancy and fun entertains the reader and causes laughter.

b. Common genres for non-fiction

1. Biography – the author narrates the life of a person. It is based on factual information and contains the true story.

2. Essay – A short composition reflects the viewpoint of author on a specific assumption or fact.

3. Speech – it is an act of literary work that provides an opportunity for the author to speak in public related to a specific topic or artwork.

It is possible for an author to utilize a literary technique and establish a perfect content for a specific artwork. Utilizing the literary technique is essential to create a specific effects and a well-written framework for a piece of literature. As there are different types of literary genres, it is essential for the author to establish a traditional linear narrative or non-linear narrative form to attract the attention of the reader.

There are several copyright laws existing for every country. It is essential for an author to understand the copyright law from preparing an unauthorized reproduction of an already existing work. Being creative is essential for an author to utilize the different types of literary genres to tell a story to the readers. Literary work is not limited to literature alone. It includes every form of print and writing media, irrespective of the subject and its standard. Prose and poems also fall under copyright laws.