Types Of Lifestyle Diseases

There are many types of lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle diseases are those diseases which have become more widespread with countries becoming more industrialized and the people living longer. That is why such diseases are often called diseases of longevity or diseases of civilization. It is important to know about these types of lifestyle diseases because we live in a rapidly industrializing world, and we might acquire one of these diseases someday. This is why, it is important to know about these diseases in order to prevent them as much as we can, so that our society can live healthily again. ‘TypesOf.com’ brings you some of the types of lifestyle diseases which are predominant in the current society.

* Lung Cancer: With a rapidly industrializing world, the stress levels are increasing rapidly too. Cigarettes are predominantly known as stress relievers. Thus, the consumption of cigarettes has been steadily going up. Apart from the stress level, the society has been functioning on the premise of ‘survival of the fittest’ for some time now. And this ‘survival of the fittest’ has come to mean survival of the most popular, especially when it comes to educational institutions like high schools and universities. Because the kids decide that they need to smoke to be cool and popular, the teenager consumers of cigarettes have rapidly shot up in the past few years. As cigarette smoke is known to contain over 60 substances that can induce cancer, smoking is deadly. But the lethalness of smoking is ignored in favour of short term goals like popularity and temporary stress relief. Thus, lung cancer has become one of the major types of lifestyle diseases around.

* Depression: Depression, which was earlier not even classified as a disease, has become a major problem in today’s world. People are stressed and busy all the time and do not have the time to enjoy simple pleasures of life. This gives birth to a persisting state of unhappiness, which can turn into depression. There are various consequences of depression, one of the major ones being suicide. Because of the increasing pressure that society exerts upon its members to be perfect upholders of a particular culture, people, and especially teenagers, get really stressed out and think that ending their life is a better option than continuing through the drudgery that is their life. Hence, depression has turned out to be one of the types of lifestyle diseases that cause the most loss of lives.

* Atheroscleroisis: Because the lifestyle for a majority of the population today involves sitting in front of a computer screen with minimal physical exercise, the health of people has steadily been deteriorating and they are at an increasing risk of atheroscleroisis all the time. Atheroscleroisis is the phenomenon in which an artery thickens because of the accumulation of cholesterol and other fatty material. With physical exercise, it is possible to burn these fatty materials, but as no exercise happens, people are at a greater risk of heart attack.

Thus, it is important to know the types of lifestyle diseases so that we can do something about being free of them.