Types Of Lawyer Careers

If you are looking to channel your career path towards law, there are different types of lawyer careers available for you. Apart from the fact that lawyers are highly paid, the career is a very fascinating one and it brings you respect in the society. Another good thing about choosing a law career is the sheer range of career choices you can choose from. It is not a necessity that you will be involved in divorces or criminal cases if you don’t want to. It is possible to specialize in any field you like and work only on cases that are associated with your field. So, if you are looking to become a lawyer, below are the different types of lawyer careers you can go for:

Art Lawyer

This kind of lawyer career is particularly distinct and is not as popular as other types of lawyer careers. Art lawyers are always involved in copyrighting issues and criminal cases that revolve around art. Before becoming proficient in this type of career, you need to understand certain concepts and familiarize yourself with galleries and museums in addition to your legal training.

Entertainment Lawyer

If you love entertainment, then this is one of the types of lawyer careers you should go for. It is centered on the entertainment industry and deals with cases related to copyright laws. Your job as an entertainment lawyer is to protect celebrities’ legal rights and help them protect their reputation when they are involved in legal battles.

Divorce Lawyer

This is one of the most popular types of lawyer careers. As a divorce lawyer, you will handle cases related to divorce and matters connected to prenuptial agreements and custody. A lot of people see this type of lawyer career as a difficult one where you may come across the dark sides of love every day, but in essence there are lots of positives in this one. You will be helping couples come to terms and have an agreement that will favor both of them and make their lives better.

Business Lawyer

This is among the most highly demanded types of lawyer careers. The job of a business lawyer is to defend their clients in the court of law in matters related to their business dealings. Every well established business needs a lawyer which explains why they are such in a high demand. You will be advising them on the type of policy to adopt in order not to run into trouble. You will also be there to defend them during liability issues against their employees or negligence issues against customers and the public. This means that you have to be grounded in business terms in addition to your law certification.

Immigration Lawyer

These are lawyers that can assist foreigners move into a country or continue living in the country when they enter. It is one of the most lucrative types of lawyer careers and solves a lot of moving issues especially for couples. You have to be familiar with laws guiding immigrants in the different countries you want to specialize.

The above are some of the most rewarding types of lawyer careers anyone can do. So, if you are interested in becoming a lawyer, you can concentrate on any of these.