Types Of Laptop Computers

The laptop market is among the largest markets for consumer goods. There are many manufacturers as well as many brands, and the manufacturers seek more customers and a broader market either by diversifying or producing newer brands of the same laptops. But as consumers, the more types of laptop computers in the market the better for us, because it gives us a lot of options to choose the best deal.

Laptop computers come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and features. So, if you are considering heading to the store to get one for yourself, it won’t be out of place to first consider the different types of laptops before you take that buying decision.

First, you have to know your buying criteria. Are you going for something cheap and very affordable or are you looking for a laptop that meets a specific need? Do you intend to move around with it very often and away from places that you can charge it? All these are questions that demand answers before any decision can be made on the choice of computer laptop to buy.

Below are the types of laptop computers and their different features:

The mini notebook or the netbooks are among the cheapest types of laptop computers available in the market. These laptops are specifically designed for mobile uses and are not larger than 12 inches. It has an integrated video card, a default setup of about 150GB to 250GB hard disc drive, a 1.6Ghz intel processor, and other features that will be very appealing to a basic user. The Nvidia ION models are specifically made with slick design. They can play HD videos with ease in blue-ray quality. However, one shortcoming of this model is their battery power which does not last like other laptops with integrated video. So, it all boils down to preference and the particular needs of the user. They are also very affordable. With about $330 to $550, you can get a very nice one for yourself.

15.6 inches laptops

About 80% of laptops produced fall in this category. They are very affordable and yet have rich features that can meet the needs and demands of any laptop user. Their prices range between $500 – $800.This is probably the reason why everybody wants to have one of these laptops for themselves. It is equipped with 2GB memory, dual core processor, a spacious hard disc drive of up to 500GB, and other good features that includes a DVD-RW drive. But this might not be the ideal type of laptop for anyone who requires high levels of battery life. They often last between 2 hours to 2 hours and half for at a full battery charge. You can get some that can last for about 4 to 5 hours, though they are usually more expensive. Their 5-7 pounds weight means that they cannot be comfortably carried around easily, unlike mini notebooks.

The Subnotebooks types of laptop computers are specifically designed for business people. They are the more portable versions of the 15.6 inches laptops. They might be too expensive for most people but their features more than make up for their price. With its portability, battery power and speed, it is the most convenient piece of accessory for any business man. Their prices range between $1500 and $2500 depending on the model you are going for.