Types Of Korean Food

Korea is known because of many things, and the types of Korean food are one of them. There are many delicious types of Korean food known around the world. If you are planning to visit the country and get to know them better, then get to know these types of Korean food so you will not be surprised about what they are and how they taste when you get there.

Kimchi is the most famous types of Korean food. As a matter of fact, it is the national dish of the country. Basically, Kimchi is a dish made from fermented cabbage. The cabbage is fermented with different kinds of herbs and spices which include garlic, pepper flakes, onions, chives, and pear juice. There are many varieties of these types of Korean food too but they are known to be often spicy. You can actually decide to eat it right away. But if you don’t, then it can stay in your refrigerator for about four months and the only difference is that the fermentation will bring about a slightly sour flavor to it.

The Bibimbap is one more famous types of Korean food. If you take the meaning of the name literally, you will get to see that it means mixed rice as bibim pertains to mixed and bap pertains to rice. So there, bibimbap is a mixed rice types of Korean food. Much like the kimchi, bibimbap is spicy as well as the main sauce used in these types of Korean food is a hot pepper paste that is authentically Korean. You are, however, in control about how much of this paste you will decide to use for your own bowl.

We often hear of bulgogi too, when it comes to the types of Korean food. Bulgogi is technically a marinated beef that is barbequed. They are most commonly seen in Korean fast foods around the world as they are, indeed, fast to prepare and eat. There are even some restaurants that will allow you to use a smokeless grill to prepare your bulgogi. The beef is marinated in pear juice, soy sauce and garlic among many other things. There are many different varieties of the bulgogi too as there are some that are savory, some spicy and some sweet as well.

Stir fried noodles is not new to us and the Korean have them too. The types of Korean food of this variety are called Japchaes. The noodles of this stir fried noodle dish, however, is not your ordinary noodles as they are made from sweet potato starch. The vegetables that are used in this dish are known to be slightly cooked as well which gives them their crunch.

There are many different kinds of Korean food that will really strike anyone’s fancy. If you are into chicken, you can have the Yangyeom Tongdak which is basically a fried chicken that has a sweet and spicy sauce. It has its trademark triply cooked batter too which will really interest anyone who loves chicken.