Types Of Kiss

What are the different types of kiss? A kiss is something that proves to be very helpful in raising the spirit and gives a wonderful feeling even in the tensed environment. There are different types of kisses which can be a source of taking the relationship to a new level and helps to bond two people closer. Angel kisses is considered to be very gentle as well as comforting kiss in which the eyelids of the partner are kissed lightly. This is a very cute, sweet, and simple type of kiss. Another kiss type is of cheek kiss, which is normally seen in the first date and denotes the friendly signals of liking the partner. The hands are generally placed on the shoulders of the partner and a soft kiss is planted on the cheek.

The quick type of kiss on the lips is particularly for the people who are less verbal and can express their feelings through this kiss. There are also opened-eyes as well as closed-eyes kiss which create their own respective feelings.

The closed-eye kiss is normally more receptive in which the sense of touch is enhanced and both the partners can completely enjoy the pleasure of the kiss. One of the most common types of kiss is of French kiss which are in fact an open mouth kiss in which the tongues are fully involved. French kiss raises the passion of both the people and lead to much more than that of kissing.

Another common type of kiss is named as hesitant kiss in which one of the partners is quite shy about physical interactions.

Butterfly kiss helps to create a fluttering sensation and the eyelids are opened and closed against the partner.

The earlobe kiss is the one in which lobe of the ear is gently sucked; however louder noises of sucking should be avoided as the ears are hypersensitive detectors of noises.

Eskimo kiss is the type of kiss in which the noses of both the partners are rubbed gently and the faces are apart less than a breath.

The finger kiss is the one which the fingers are gently sucked that proves to be very seductive as well as pleasurable.

Typically, the forehead is a type of kiss which is mostly motherly or for the ones which are just friends. The forehead kiss is considered to be one of the most comforting and makes you feel relaxed and tension free. One of the fun types of kiss is of freeze kiss in which a piece of ice is placed in the mouth of one partner and then the ice is passed into the mouth of the other partner during the kiss. The freeze kiss is in fact a titillating a sensual form of French kiss with an addition of ice. In the same way, the fruity type of kiss is the one in which a piece of any juicy fruit is placed in the mouth and is then slowly shifted in the partner’s mouth during the kiss.