Types Of Kidney Cancer

Kidney is definitely not like any other organs in our body. Kidney plays a great part in our stomach. Kidney helps us wash away toxins and get rid of the unhealthy food we eat. Nonetheless, it is not always healthy. Some kidneys will breakdown and shutdown because of disease. Some people may be able to live without it by artificial medical equipment but it can never replace the real work of a kidney. Kidney cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. Kidney cancer has different types, too. The Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is the most well known type of kidney cancer. It starts with one tumor in one of the kidney, but sometimes, it can also start with two tumors in your two kidneys. The catch is that some of the cases are only noticed when they get big but generally initiated before they can get to the other part of distant organs. A test like CT scan or ultrasound will help to verify if you have this type of kidney cancer. Renal cell carcinoma has also its type, the clear cell renal cell carcinoma, which is the most common case for RCC. The rapid grow of cells in the kidney that creates an enormous group of cells causes this type of RCC. Cigarette smoking, genetic and excess uses of medication are some of the reasons on getting this disease. Like any other kidney cancer cases, it can be treated through series of test and therapy. The second type of kidney cancer is the transitional cell carcinoma. Unlike the first type of kidney cancer, this TCC doesn_ start from the kidney but in fact starts in renal pelvis. When using microscope, TCC cells are so much alike with any other carcinoma cases. It is just sad that smoking is also linked to the cause of this disease; smoking will never do well to any of us. As well as working in a chemical factory where you expose yourself every day. Third type of kidney cancer is the Wilms_tumor that often takes place in children, adults_cases are rare. It is different from the first two type of kidney cancer for it can occur anywhere in a children_ body. The symptoms are too hard for children, like vomiting and stomach pain, that you can barely imagine how difficult this type of kidney cancer is. When kidney starts to bleed because of the cancer, the patient will start urinating with blood. There is the type of kidney cancer called Renal sarcoma. This type of kidney cancer is rare and develops in the blood vessel or tissues in the kidney. There are two types of this: soft tissue sarcoma and bone sarcoma. Cases like this aren_ always cancerous, some are benign. Be alert when experiencing symptoms that are connected to kidney cancer so you can have the treatment as early as possible. Don_ wait for the cancer cells to spread all over your body. Getting this kidney cancer whether because of your poor health or genetic, you never have to lose hope. In point of act, fight the sickness and never get tired of the therapies.