Types Of Keyboards For Computers

Probably the most often think exactly the parts of your computer that are most often in contact. But the keyboard is really an amazing technology. Perhaps you do not even suspect that your keyboard is hiding around a computer responsible for what you write computer to get everything right. In the most general set of keyboard keys connected to a microprocessor that monitors their state. In this article we will introduce the most basic types of keyboards. The first type of keyboard is the modern keyboard. Throughout its existence, the dawn of the computer keyboard is probably the device, which at least has changed. In fact, the only changes that have suffered keyboards are small cosmetic changes and a few key additions. Today the most common keyboards are – 101-key enhanced keyboard, 104 Windows keyboard keyboards keyboard 82 standard Apple keyboards and keyboard 108 Apple extended keyboard.

Notebooks and laptops often contain some kind of a standard keyboard, and they arrangement of additional keys depends mostly from the manufacturer. However they are rarely so different from the standard to be difficult to use. Today, the most common arrangement of keys was taken from old typewriters. The first ones were mechanical and friction parts wear out quickly – so designers enjoyed their keys in the most awkward way of writing – so QWERTY layout. Since this type of arrangement became standard imposed in the first electronic keyboards teletype terminals – these keyboard were available for developers of the first computers, ready modules and become standard to them. Since then, many attempts have been made to improve the standard, but without success, because people are used to it.

As we said at the beginning keyboard matrix consists of keys associated with a microprocessor – This processor is said keyboard controller. His goal was simple – to keep track of which keys are pressed – to eliminate data errors caused by oscillation of contacts and transmits serial data on your computer about it. In the permanent memory of this processor is stored etc. Table of characters – it contains a map of who signs a responsible position matrix keys. For the matrix it has several different types of technologies in keyboards. Technology with rubber hemispheres: In these types of keyboards each key is mounted on rubber hemisphere with a hard carbon center – a key is pressed field bends and carbon center connects two contacts on the printed circuit board of the keyboard. These keyboards are very reminiscent of electronic keyboards, calculators and writing them is very uncomfortable in most cases. Today this technology is much improved and is one of the most popular, because these types of keyboards are very cheap.

Membrane Keyboard keys: Very similar to the keyboards and even rubber hemispheres contain them, but instead of carbon and PCB keys are organized as two layers board with the third membrane of nylon between them. In the third holes and push the contacts of the two layers are connected through the holes.

Next type keyboards are keyboards with capacitive keys: They are considered non-mechanical because they do not have to close the chain to perceive touch. They have multiple pairs of plates that close when you press – they act as capacitors and bringing change capacity. This is detected in a complex way of managing processor. They are extremely durable – withstand corrosive and flooding, as opposed to other types described above, but in contrast, are extremely expensive. As a final type of keyboard we will mention keyboards with metal contacts and foam elements: Do not use so often. They each key has a spring, and pieces of metal bottom – pressure it closes two contacts under the keys – the element of foam is between the metal plate and serves as the key to better respond to the writer. These keyboards are unfortunately very susceptible to corrosion and therefore enjoy great reputation.