Types Of Kenyan Food

The Kenyans have interesting foods and there are so many types of Kenyan food that are made of simple things. In some cases these foods are in their daily diets and have become a staple food in the region while others are more popular amongst foreigners and/or the locals who can afford to eat them. Ugali is one of these types of Kenyan food that is the staple of Kenya. This is a cornmeal staple that is added to boiling water. As a result a thick cornmeal paste is made and can be eaten with other types of Kenyan food.

Another popular food of the various types of Kenyan food is Irio which is a mixture of mashed peas and potatoes. Corn is then added to the food. It is quite popular amongst the locals and amongst tourists as well because it is easy to make, delicious and it is quite filling too. The dish is quite easy to make and it makes for a hearty one too. Some people eat this with chicken or other forms of meat or is added to Kenyan stew to enrich and thicken it.

Githeri- peas and corn- is another of the many types of Kenyan food. This food is simply a mixture peas and corn. Sometimes boiled beans may be added as well. Such food is actually rich in proteins, carbohydrates and iron. Some people eat these without adding any spices and then there are those who add spices and vinegar to it or other forms of spices to make the food delicious. It is actually quite delicious despite its simplicity and healthy too because it is rich in fiber. Sometimes chili, salt and pepper may be thrown in as well and the food is eaten with fibrous bread called chapatti.

Some types of Kenyan food are spicy and mouthwateringly delectable. An example of this is Kenyan Pilau which is spiced rice. Cumin, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon are thrown in to give it the spice and fragrance that makes people’s mouth water! The pilau is sometimes served with tiny bits of chicken just to make it more delicious (usually chicken or beef) or with potatoes and in other instances both may be added to it instead. This food is not restricted to Kenya- you will also find pilau in countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh- where these foods were originally made.

Kenyan stew is one of the healthiest, yet heaviest, types of Kenyan food. There are various forms of the stew and that usually depends upon the kind of meat that is thrown in to the stew. There is goat stew, chicken stew and beef stew. Beef and goat stew are more popular of the 3 and carrots, peas and potatoes may be added in to make the food more delicious. The food is rich in proteins and some carbohydrates though that depends upon how much of peas and carrots are added to it.

Kenya is home to many other delicious types of Kenyan food though.