Types Of Jungle Birds

We don’t see many types of jungle birds often given that they are, indeed, in the jungle. However, if you get to know even just a few of the thousands of the types of jungle birds you will get to see how great they are and how awesome they look as well. Indeed, birds are not just decorative animals. They are also there to keep the circle of life rolling.

The Hyacinth Macaws are types of jungle birds that are often found along the edges of forests and woodlands. They are known to be the largest among flying parrots too. These types of jungle birds eat palm nuts and they use their beak to crush them. They come in blue colors with yellow eye patches and chins. Among all the forests in the world, you will see these types of jungle birds in the Pantanal and Amazon the most.

The Scarlet Macaws are types of jungle birds that are known for their bright plumage. They are large species of macaws too and the icon of the Amazon jungle. They are known to be red, predominantly. They have stripes of yellow and blue too. The favorite food of these types of jungle birds are seeds, fruits, and nuts.

The Plum Throated Cotingas are types of jungle birds that come in many different colors. The main characterizing feature of these types of jungle birds, however, is their plum throats. The bright red ones are named Peru’s national bird too. These birds feed on insects and fruits and they mostly reside in lowlands of tropical forests around the world.

The Oropendolas are named the most unique among all types of jungle birds. You see, these birds are known to create nests that are hanging and elongated. They live in colonies too and are known to be among the most common bird residents of the Amazon jungle. They are known to live among wasps too as they believe that the wasps will protect their nests from birds that are considered parasites. The oropendolas are known to have black feathers, yellow beaks and blue eyes.

The King Vultures are the largest species of vultures around the world. They are known to be carnivores and great scavengers and this is why most birds avoid getting near them. They are known to be very dominant too. The King Vultures are often found in the South and Central American forests. They are known to have colorful head feathers but a black and white body.

The Jabiru Storks are the tallest among all flying birds. They are known to have a very wide wingspan too. Given that these birds feed on aquatic animals, they are mostly seen in wetlands. Among all the forests and jungles around the world, they are most commonly seen in the Pantanal. Not a lot of birds like to be around Jabiru Storks too. This is because of the fact that they are known to be opportunists and will most likely eat them if any kinds of opportunities arise.