Types Of Jobs For Social Workers

For those individuals who are really seeking to impact on people’s lives, there are several types of jobs for social workers that will enable them do so. With a college degree on social work, you will be able to let people know that you don’t only have the skills and knowledge, but also the dedication and compassion that are needed to work as a social worker. Many positions are available for people with passion in this field. The following are the different types of jobs for social workers.

Medical/Public Health workers

This is one of the most lucrative types of jobs for social workers and they are in high demand as well. Recent estimate shows that social work in the medical sector is expected to increase by 23 percent within the next five years. This is the highest rate of job increase within the social work sector. Public health/medical social workers have a wide range of places to work, including home health agencies, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, hospices, emergency rooms, and hospitals. People involved in these types of jobs for social workers assist with decision making and paper work, ensure swift communication between patients and caregivers, and make sure that patients are properly cared for. Apart from the above functions they perform, they also advocate and protect the rights of the patients they represent and stand in for them when they need comfort and encouragement during times of difficulties. They are well paid with annual average salary that range from $40,000 to $59,000.

Substance Abuse social workers

These types of jobs for social workers are widely available and individuals can work in different areas such as juvenile detention facilities, private practices, prisons, and rehabilitation facilities.

This job is emotionally demanding and workers have to be emotionally strong to handle situations that may arise in the course of their duty. They may be faced with people suffering from addiction which means they need to have a great deal of compassion and patience to be successful in this career. But the simple fact that you are helping someone through recovery means you are playing a vital role in their lives. Because of the importance placed on rehabilitation and recovery, these types of jobs for social workers is expected to increase (at 20 percent) within the next five years. A career in this field is equally rewarding with average salary of workers ranging from $28,000 to $48,000 annually.

Mental Health

This is unarguably the most demanding types of jobs for social workers. Though a master’s degree is not necessarily needed to begin this type of career, it will definitely make you stand out among equals, particularly in the area of clinical practice. Mental health workers can work in schools, hospitals, private practices, mental hospitals, and mental health centers. As a mental health worker, you will be earning between $27,000 and $60, 000 annually.

Child Welfare workers

This is one of the types of jobs for social workers that require compassion, sensitivity, and love for children. Pursuing this type of career is a no-no if you don’t have children at heart and not knowledgeable enough on proper ways to handle them. The average salary of child welfare workers range from $24,000 to $46,000 annually, depending on experience and location.