Types Of Jobs For Civil Engineers

Civil engineering is a highly lucrative job and there are several types of jobs for civil engineers. People who work in this area are highly trained professionals in science and mathematics. Though jobs differ in pay, demand, and hiring requirements, civil engineering is very important in finding solutions to several technical problems. Additionally, the different types of jobs for civil engineers can vary depending on several factors. Engineers can work in field, analytical, systems, testing, software, design, and manufacturing services. There are several options available for them. Below are the different types of jobs for civil engineers.

Civil Engineering

This is the core of all types of jobs for civil engineers. It is equally the oldest and still very common today. With this type of job, the civil engineer will be vested with the responsibility of designing and planning for roadways, bridges, waterways, and dams. There are other types of civil engineers that also venture into planning of airports, buildings, and sewer systems. These people can either work in the field or in an office. Those in fieldwork will concern themselves with things such as environmental problems, project duration, design issues, tracking cost, and other specific issues like earthquake and hurricanes. Civil engineers equally work in roles such as construction site managers, teachers, and city engineers.


Working as an inspector is one of the most lucrative types of jobs for civil engineers. These people are hired or contracted by state or local government to verify that buildings are constructed in the safest manner. They also perform other jobs such as performing safety analysis on bridges, highways, sewer systems, and water systems.

For these types of jobs for civil engineers, their main objective is to ensure that all government codes and regulations were met in any building project. They are always expected to be on site to monitor state construction projects. They would make sure that the quality of work is of the highest standard and that every necessary safety measure is adhered to.


Drafters are responsible for creating notes for civil engineers and other members in the construction team. They make the blueprints and sketches used for the creation of sewage system, highways, and other building projects. Drafters are also highly demanded but not as popular as other types of jobs for civil engineers.


Technicians are equally members of the civil engineering community. The job of a technician is quite different from other types of jobs for civil engineers. They help with the research and assistance needed for the proper completion of a construction project.


Surveyors can be seen as the second most common of all types of jobs for civil engineers. They are responsible for preparing the land and ensuring that the environment on which the project is to be carried out is safe and conducive. Land surveyors make use of special equipments to check the land the project is to be carried on. The difference between a failed building project and a successful one may lie in the proper survey of the land or environment. So, surveyors are very important in the civil engineering community.