Types Of Jobs At Google

While most people think only of IT when they hear about google jobs, there are several other types of jobs at Google apart from jobs in the IT section. It is everybody’s dream to work at google and this article is dedicated to inform you about the different types of jobs at google both for technical and non-technical people. Everybody knows about Google, and you are probably reading this article because you searched it through Google. The internet has made Google so dominant in the computing world with their introduction of products such as Google voice, Google Docs, and Gmail. Their adsense program yields millions of dollars in profit every year. This makes employment opportunities very high which cuts across different careers. Below are the different types of jobs at Google available for both techie and non-technical people.

Administrative jobs

These types of jobs at Google are very lucrative and they perform a wide range of functions. Just like the functions of administrative personnel in conventional organizations, administrative workers in Google are responsible for keeping all correspondence, managing information, organizing tasks, creating and managing teams, and supporting production.

Business Operations

Google is no doubt a multinational business and it is the duty of these groups of people to keep their business process going. These types of jobs at Google are very lucrative because workers her meet with foreign partners and take care of potential acquisitions.

Software Engineering and Operations

Of all types of jobs at Google, this is the most common job for technical people. There are so many people in this category at Google and you have to be one of the best to be able to land a job with them.

They take charge of all Google designs, programming, and development of internet products. Google Chrome, their web browsing package, was designed and created by their software engineers. Apart from designing, they equally perform other functions such as maintaining and updating Google Docs, Gmail, and other internet products. People who perform types of jobs at Google are also responsible for creating and updating the Google AdWords.

Marketing and Communications

Marketing is very important in any organization. People in these types of jobs at Google are responsible for promoting and marketing all Google’s products through offline and online means. They do this using texts and videos. Workers in this department do not only market Google’s products through online means but offline ways too. They bring creativity into the system and make sure that the brand that Google represents is maintained at all times. These are the people at the help of Google’s adsense and Adword campaigns.

Sales and Customer Support

These people are part of the marketing unit at Google but are mainly involved in the Adwords advertising network. They ensure that support is provided to their customers for their advertising needs.

User Experience

These groups of people are responsible for ensuring the products meet the requirements for which they were created. They keep testing and retesting the new products even after they are launched to ensure optimum satisfaction from customers.

There are other types of jobs at Google but the above are the major types both for technical and non-technical people.