Types Of Job Women Have

New age, availability of technology, higher education and rise in self-confidence are the reasons behind increase in types of job women have in the modern world. There were days when women were confronted to the household chores alone. However, there has been a great change in the thinking and men have finally started to accept women as their equal counterparts. Provided below are the most common jobs that women held in an organization or professional arena across the globe.

1. Administration/Secretary

Administration and secretary to heads of an organization stands in the first place among all other types of job women have in a professional field. Around 96.8% of women occupy the post in different industries. The reason behind the posting is stated to the immense administrative capabilities that they posses. Few women have made it into the top administrative positions in an organization and have excelled in comparison to their latter counterparts. Of lately, companies are recruiting women for higher positions sensing their capability to handle peer pressure and completing task on time.

2. Registered nurses

Women are known for their tenderness and caring nature. This has propelled them to opt for registered nursing. Of the total population, 92% are registered nurses and work with passion. Women across different countries often find an easy employment in this field. There is a great demand in the global scenario and offers potential growth in the future with increasing population. Registered nurses hold second position in types of job women have in the modern world.

3. Teachers

Education sector, especially teaching holds the third position in types of job women have in the competitive world. Teaching by profession is a great career oriented and has tremendous responsibilities. They nurture children to become responsible citizens and impart thorough knowledge about diverse subjects. There is an equal demand for teachers in different countries. They account of 82% and play a vital role in creating a civilized society.

4. Sales/Human Resources

Women, with their capability to make impressive decisions are helping companies reach their goal of sales and revenue. Companies are carefully watching the changing scenario in the male dominant industry of sales department. Few companies registered growth after a change in the HR and Sales department. These two categories pose a greater growth in the future and currently account for 60% of the market. There would be a rise in the percentage with companies opting for women for sales and HR departments.

5. Caretakers

Though caretaking is similar to nursing, there is a huge difference between the both. Private institutions and rehabilitation centers seek women as their main caretakers. There is a great demand for professionals in this field. It is poised for a greater growth in the future. Currently, women occupy 75% of the market. This specific professional holds the fifth rank in terms of pay package and growth opportunities. Types of job women have holds good for this arena as most women find easily an employment in caretaking centers. Their determination and caring nature helps them attend to the job with perfection.