Types Of Jellyfish

The different types of jellyfish have always become one of the marvels of aquatic life. These are also called as sea jellies or simply jellies. Jellyfish is one stage of Medusozoa’s life cycle. Numerous special morphologies are available in jellyfish that characterize plenty of various cnidarians groups including the Staurozoa, Scyphozoa, Cubozoa, and Hydrozoa. Among these morphologies several different species are available. Staurozoa consists of almost 50 species, Scyphozoa consists of more than 200 species, Cubozoa consists of approximately 20 species, and Hydrozoa has the highest amount of between 1000 to 1500 species.

Jellyfish can be found in almost each ocean, fresh water and deep seas. Most of the jellyfish have the length of almost one inch. They are mostly colorless in nature and they are not harmful to humankind. Though jellyfish come in colorless nature, they are attractive and beautiful in look. The types of jellyfish depend on the color of jellyfish, size of jellyfish, existing, eating habits, and other common features. The most common types of jellyfish are listed below.

Breed Stream Jellyfish:

This type of jellyfish found in majority during summer season. Since the reproduction system of breed stream jellyfish has a strong impact of climate, they are most liked to produce groups during the summer season. Similarly their existence gets disappeared during autumn and winter season. These are considered as the mostly seen type of jellyfish as compared to other types of jellyfish.

Black Aquatic Jellyfish:

This is another type of jellyfish that appear into each ocean and freshwater. Because of the dark tinge these are also called as black jellyfish or dark jellyfish. These jellyfish can be found in large amount in pacific oceans.

Diplulmaris Antarctica Jellyfish:

These jellyfish are considered as the member of Ulmaridae family. These jellyfish have white dots on the surface of body. Along with this, there is one more sign that represent this type is the equal length of both the arms.

Porpita Jellyfish:

These jellyfish are also called as blue button. These jellyfish are member of group Hydrozoa. These are mostly found in Tropical Pacific oceans, Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Navy Jellyfish:

These are one among the mostly founded types of jellyfish. These are easy to recognize because of their blue color body.

Mauve Stripy Jellyfish:

These jellyfish can be founded in freshwater, deep seas as well as oceans. These have the blue color strips all over the body. Hence, it is easy to point out these jellyfish after noticing the blue strips.

Scour jellyfish:

These are not considered as jellyfish since these belong to another group of species called Ctenophora. They resemble to the jellyfish body and this is the only similarity between these and other types of jellyfish.

Cassiopeia Jellyfish:

These jellyfish get to see in most of the western oceans. There is a huge dissimilarity among their types by means of colors and sizes. These can be found in varying shades of blue, white, brown and green.

These are the commonly known types of jellyfish. The overall list can be much bigger than this one. However, these are the common and popular among all other types of jellyfish.