Types Of Italian Bread

Learn about the different Types Of Italian Bread. Italy is well known for providing different kinds of breads all over the world. The roll types of Italian bread are manufactured in northern areas of the world. Large loves breads are often made in the southern parts of Italy. Olive oil is used to provide the bread a soft and delicious outcome. Butter or lard can also be incorporated to provide the users with best chance for making the things in right way. The incorporation of olive oil in bread helps to make it soft and easy to eat.

Pizza Bianca is first among the types of Italian bread. This is typical bread that is used all over the Italy. The taste of this bread is different in each and every area of the world. Bakers can offer small pieces of the bread to the children who are fond of eating this bread. It can also be used as a sandwich to fill with some internal fillings.

Filone di Renella is one of the best kinds of breads all over the world. This kind of bread is also known as class loaf. You will find these types of Italian bread on every table of the Italian restaurants. This bread also has a good worth all over the world.

Pane Casareccio is known as one of the famous breads all over the world. These kinds of breads are made with the help of flour with white thing on the outside and soft spongy from inside. You can get these types of Italian bread from anywhere in Italy. The bread is known for its taste and shape. It is not so much expensive and easy to make at home. You could prefer to get this bread from anywhere in the town.

Panfocaccia is among the types of Italian bread that is considered as everyday bread in Italy. People prefer to take it in their breakfast along with milk/tea or fried eggs. Visitors coming from all over the world to Italy consider this breakfast as worth to have. This bread is made with the help of flour, eggs and milk. You can’t go to avoid this bread as it gives the special tasty flavor to the users. Different kinds of recipes can be found on the internet for finding out the things that could help in making the things.

Pame Di Altamura is among types of Italian bread that is manufactured with the help of durum flour. It is bread that is made from durum flour. Bread was given status of PDO in 2003 within Europe. You can consider this bread as one of the most eminent in world. It is known to provide a special status to the people so that they could avail it. Shape of the bread is not attractive and important.

From the above given breads, you should eat any types of Italian bread to give your taste buds an everlasting yummy flavor. These breads can be found all over the world without any kind of difficulty.

Italian bread is known as one of the best- tasting bread around the globe. Italians take pride when it comes to showcasing their culinary skills. Bread- making in Italy goes back to thousands of years ago and until now, this practice is still very much alive in many households in the country. It was believed that Romans were the first people to introduce flour and they never get tired in milling and developing possible products made from flour.

There are more than 300 types of Italian bread and 250 of this bread are easily available in bread shops around Italy. Bread- making has been passed on from generation to generation in an Italian family to avoid losing the authenticity of the taste of Italian bread.


This Italian bread originated in Tuscan. It is flat like a pizza crust and its dough is made from chickpea flour, water and olive oil. Some people seasoned this bread with herbs like rosemary, salt or black pepper.


This bread literally means ‘slipper bread’. This is originally from Liguria and it is flat, long and broad in form. Ciabatta varies in different areas of Italy. Some ciabatta are soft yet has a crispy crust but some are firm in crust but dense in its crumb. It is usually seasoned with marjoram, salt and olive oil.

Colomba di Pasqua

It is also known as colomba pasquale and this is a traditional Italian cake during Easter. It is made from natural yeast, butter, flour, eggs and sugar and is usually added with raisins and candied peel. Its dough is shaped into a dove and sprinkled with sugar and almonds before baking it.


Its dough is quite similar to a pizza which is made from yeast, oil, salt, water and high- gluten flour. It is seasoned with salt, sage and rosemary. You can also put meat, cheese, herbs and vegetables on top of this Italian bread.


Popularly known as rosetta and originated in Lombardy. This Italian white bread is bulged and hollow. Michetta is similar with other types of Italian bread like maggiolino and tartaruga.


This sweet bread is usually prepared for Christmas and New Year. Pandoro is usually made to a frustum shape with eight pointed stars. This bread truly embodies the joyous season as it is sprinkled with icing sugar that represents the Italian Alps with its snow- covered peaks.


Grissini is commonly known as Italian breadsticks. This bread originated from Turin and Piedmont. This thin bread is traditionally made by hands that is why its irregular shape is apparent. You can eat it with butter or wrapped grissini in prosciutto.

Pane Carasau

This type of Italian bread is flat, thin yet crispy. It is half a meter wide and made from durum wheat flour, yeast, water and salt. This is one of the ancient bread in Italy and was prepared for shepherds. This bread when keep dry can last for a year. Pane carasau can be paired with wine, water and sauce.


This sweet ring- shaped bread is often flavored with sesame, onion, pepper, garlic, fennel and poppy seed. Taralli is boiled first before baking it.