Types Of Intelligence

Every individual in the world is intelligent in his or her own way. There are different types of intelligence because everyone thinks differently. At the end of the day every person is contributing something or the other to the world without knowing it and collectively mankind, due to the existence of different types of intelligence, has brought the world to wear it is today.

One of the many types of intelligence is interpersonal intelligence.

A person with interpersonal intelligence knows how to communicate with people. Such a person can impress others while at the same time he/she knows what “makes them tick’ and they can use this to their advantage- whether in a good way or in a bad way. Many celebrities, diplomats, salespersons and people who are good leaders are generally great with people.

Another of the many types of intelligence is existential intelligence.

Someone who possesses such intelligence is what we call, a ‘deep thinker’. Usually people with such intelligence are able to ponder over, and get the answers to, the deeper questions of life such as “Why are we here?’ or “What’s the point of life?’ and such like. Great thinkers such as Aristotle, Plato, prophets, philosophers and religious teachers are existentially intelligent.

Then, out of all types of intelligence, there’s one that enables a person to understand himself- this is known as intrapersonal intelligence and basically helps one get in touch with himself. Intrapersonal thinkers usually have great control over themselves and know how to be themselves. Though this may seem to be similar to interpersonal intelligence, the two types of intelligence are different in the sense that in one you tend to be able to understand yourself while in the other you understand people well.

It is important to note that everyone possesses all types of intelligence.

A person who is linguistically intelligent may be good at communicating with people and he can understand himself too and so, he’d be good at understand himself, and he’d also be interpersonally and linguistically intelligent. Similarly, a person who can answer the “Whys’ of life would be able to understand himself and others better too. Different types of intelligence exist within all of us though how we allow these to develop is up to us.

There are people who are good at mathematics and playing with numbers. They are good at reasoning and out of all other types of intelligence, this one is actually less common than the rest- simply because not everyone is good at math or they do not give themselves the chance to develop their reasoning and mathematical intelligence.

It’s not as if you can point at someone and say he doesn’t possess any of the different types of intelligence. One person may be better at studying and communicating with others while another may be better at science and understanding himself. Regardless of the types of intelligence they both possess, all types of intelligence are beneficial for us though some of us may be more intelligent in one way as compared to someone else who may be intelligent in another way.