Types Of Insurance Careers

So you are looking to go into the field of insurance and want to know which career option is right for you, there are different types of insurance careers available to chose from.


Insurance agents have the responsibility of initiating and selling insurance contracts to prospective policy holders. Their job is also unique and lucrative. Most insurance agents are not employees of Insurance companies and they work independently.


The job of an insurance underwriter is to help insurance companies decide which things and people should be insured and the ones that should not. This is also one of the most lucrative types of insurance careers. As an insurance underwriter, you will be employed by the insurance company and represent their interest at all times. Your duties as an insurance underwriter includes striking a balance between insurable things and uninsurable things, setting premium for different types of insurance policies undertaken by the insurance company you represent, and ensuring that the insurance policies are free of confusing terms to avoid ambiguity. A high school diploma is needed to start a career as an insurance underwriter. A college degree is very important if you intend to climb very high in the industry.

Customer Service Representative

People in these types of insurance careers have the duty to collect details from policy holders on the occurrence of the risk insured. For instance, when a property insured against fire incidence is damaged by fire, it is the duty of customer service representative to get the necessary information from the venue of the fire incident. This information will be needed to ascertain the level of the damage and find out how much should be reimbursed to the policy holder.

Claims Representative

Claims representatives are also part of the insurance industry, and like their service representative counterpart, they perform their duty when there is damage to the item insured against. People in these types of insurance careers are responsible for helping insurance policy holders get their claims on the occurrence of the insured risk. While customer service representatives work for insurance companies, claims representatives perform similar jobs for the policy holder. To become a claims representative, you need to have a national diploma or even a college degree.


Though not very popular like other types of insurance careers, adjusters play a very important role in the claims settling procedure. They are more beneficial to the policy holders because they help them decide the extent of the damage and verify whether the damage requires the settlement of claims. He has the duty to ascertain the cost of repairs for the damage. This makes sure that payment by the insurance company is not less than the actual cost of fixing the damaged property.


Actuaries have a very important role to play when it concerns ascertaining the amount of premium that is ideal for a particular contract. They help insurance companies with the calculations in order to determine the actual amount that should be charged for premium. To enroll to become an actuary, you need to have a strong knowledge in statistics and mathematics. It is one of the most lucrative types of insurance careers.