Types Of Illicit Computer Crimes

Computer crimes refer to crimes which involve a network and a computer. These computer crimes are the types of crimes in which either a computer is used in committing the crime or the computer itself is the target.These also include damaging, deleting or altering the computer data. The Internet is criminally exploited in these types of illicit computer crimes. These computer crimes are committed for the purpose of intentionally causing harm to the individual’s or groups of persons’ reputation or causing mental or physical harm to the individual or the group of persons indirectly or directly with the use of up-to-date telecommunications network like the Internet(emails, chat rooms, notice boards as well as groups)as well as mobile phones(MMS/SMS).These types of illicit computer crimes may pose a threat to the security of a nation and its financial health. These types of illicit computer crimes are present worldwide and also include financial theft, espionage and some cross-country crimes which are known as cyber warfare. Types of illicit computer crimes may include electronic frauds,misusing devices and identity thefts as well.

Below are some types of illicit computer crimes:

Cyberstalking– This is one of the types of illicit computer crimes which uses the Internet for the purpose of stalking a person. The stalker through the Internet either issues threats, spreads incorrect information or sends emails.Cyberstalking is used to stalk women and children.

Identity Theft– This is one of the types of illicit computer crimes which involves using another person’s identity in order to steal money and get benefits. This type includes the unauthorized use of another person’s credit card to be able to avail of goods as well as services at another person’s expense. Identity theft is employed in terrorism and blackmail as well.

Computer Viruses-These are computer programs which can replicate themselves and harm the computer systems seen in networks.These viruses can work without the users’ knowledge and can spread from one processor to the next through the Internet, network, or devices which can be removed such as USB drives and CDs.

Phishing– This is one of the illicit computer crimes which is considered common in the USA. Through this, some users receive emails and are made to believe that such emails come from actual sites.The users then unknowingly are made to use fake websites in which confidential data such as their passwords, details of their credit cards and their usernames are revealed when they login.These fake websites actually look quite authentic thus, many cannot distinguish these websites from the authentic ones.

Hacking-This refers to acquiring access to a certain computer system without authority. Hacking involves intrusion into the computer systems’ security capabilities which gives unlimited access in acquiring comfidential computer data and information.Today, hacking of an IP address is considered very common since through this the hacker can assume an online identity that is fake and can conduct a criminal transaction in a manner that the hacker’s true identity is not revealed.