Types Of Husky Dog Breeds

Husky is the general name given to the particular breed of dogs that are used for pulling sleds in the northern regions. However, the husky dogs have been bred for so long for various purposes and reasons and hence each husky breed might look different from each other.


Show husky dogs are the types of husky dog breeds that are bred to meet particular criteria set by different kennel clubs. As the name suggests, they are mostly bred for their beautiful color and the pattern in which the color is laid, their shape and the elegant appearance. However, these huskies are good only for the appearance and many of them suffer from quite a lot of health problems and are not suitable for fieldwork.


Working huskies are the types of husky dog breeds that are bred mainly for their ability, intelligence and health. Even though they are pure husky breeds, they are not so popular for appearance features and do not have classical markings as the show huskies. However, working huskies can outsmart show huskies in terms intelligence, ability and health. They are way too smart in their works and the health issues faced by them are negligible.


The types of husky dog breeds that are mainly used for the purpose of racing are Alaskan husky breeds. These are also working husky breed dogs but particularly bred for racing purpose. These types of husky dog breeds have distinguishing features such as long legs and are thinner than other husky breeds.


As the name suggests, woolly huskies are the husky breeds that have the heavy and beautiful coat. These dogs can survive very well even in Florida, provided that they are given sufficient shade, plenty of water and a cool environment. These dogs are very popular for their beautiful and elegant appearance.


Mini husky are the types of husky dog breeds that are pure Siberian breeds but bred down to a smaller size as compared to other husky breeds. Even though there are many arguments existing about mini husky breeds, these are real breeds and it often gets confused with Alaskan klee kai.


Alaskan klee kais are the smallest among all husky breeds weighs only under 26 lbs when full grown. The prizing of this breed depends on the size of the dogs and the smaller the size of the dog, the higher the price will be. These dogs can be mixed with pomerenians, American eskimo and little schipperkle. If you are looking for a husky dog that is pretty small in size, Alaskan klee kai is the right breed you are looking for.


Among all the husky dog breeds, Siberian husky dogs are the types of husky dog breeds that are most popular. These are the beautiful dogs with heavy wool coat and vibrant color patterns on the body. They most unique and beautiful feature of these dogs are their blue and multi colored eyes.