Types Of House Cats

Learn about the types of house cats. Keeping and growing pets in the houses are not a new trend. People from Ancient times and even from the time of the mankind had sent to the world. The trend of bringing animals in house and give them love and affection is coming from the earlier times. Cats are also including one of these pets that are bringing to house to keep them with the human beings. People are arranging special foods for them that are helpful in their growth. Make them as a part of the family. Some people even love them as they love their children. Play with them, make their special houses that protect the, and some give them place on their beds and sofas also. There are a huge number of people that keep cats as their pet animal. There are few people who arrange special servant for the care and governance of the cats. There are various types of house cats. Some of them are discussing here:


Pers are those types of house cats that are looking expensive, luxurious and plush. They do not demand anything by their own. These types of house cats play happily and gently with harmonic and melodious voices. They need special care as they have long hairs and big eyes.


These are different types of house cats. They are little opposite to their name. They are bit lazy than the Persians. Though, they have all the qualities and traits of Persians. But they do not have long hairs. They also play and enjoy the company of people. They even so responsive that when someone petting them, they cuddle with that person.

Maine coon:

These types of house cats of cats are very popular among people. They are very friendly and quite clever in making friends. They are easily bear the cold that’s why various people who live in cold areas love to keep it as a pet.


These old and unique types of house cats are the prehistoric kind of cats. They are the most intelligent cat among all even they look alike human being. They closely observe and scrutinize your routine work then soon they perform and follow your schedules.

Rang doll:

Rang doll types of house cats looks much more like a dog. Those people who love dogs they will get happy to take them as pet animal. When you come back home after the work they come to meet you and sometimes love to sleep with you. They can take care of their hairs easily.


These are the unique types of house cats. They are bald not only from head but from all the body. They do not have any fur. But they are still looking beautiful and attractive. They are quite intelligent and know what to do with their master while he is in sad and gloomy moods.


This types of house cats is very intelligent and grooms more when they are receiving attention from their masters. These types of house cats are sensitive with the moods of their masters. They know when their masters are busy they keep themselves quite and do not disturb their masters. But when they see that their masters are willing to play they also play with them.