Types Of High Blood Pressure Medicine

There are various types of high blood pressure medicine and all of them are taken or prescribed in various situations. People with serious blood pressure issues may be recommended and prescribed a different type of medicine as opposed to someone who has recently developed high blood pressure issues. Blood pressure issues depend upon several factors- genetics, food, diet, activity, stress and other factors that are external and even those that are internal. Different types of high blood pressure medicine are made to deal with each situation according to the reason for the high blood issue that the patient is facing. Generally all of these are used to low the blood pressure of a patient unless his/her blood pressure is so high that he or she needs to be rushed to the hospital.

Diuretics are one of the various types of high blood pressure medicine which basically help the kidney get rid of extra salt and water from the body. They are also known as water pills. In some cases one may have a lot of water in order to lower high blood pressure but for some reason or the other these methods may not work. These could be external (such as climate) or internal (such as mental stress).

Beta blockers are another of the various types of high blood pressure medicine. Though they work to achieve the same goal and purpose as diuretics do but they work different. What beta blockers do is that they will reduce the nerve impulses to the heart. The heart beats slower and with less force as well. You see, blood pressure is when the heart is exerted and thumps faster than it is meant to. These types of high blood pressure medicine reduce the blood pressure so that the heart beat is normalized and reduced in the process as well.

Another reason due to which high blood pressure may occur is due to the existence of angiotensin 2 which is a hormone that reduces the size of the blood vessels. What happens as a result is that the body has to work faster so that the blood could flow through these vessels and into the heart (and then out of it for distribution) because of which a person may have high blood pressure. In such cases ACE inhibitors are to be taken to relax the blood vessels so that the blood can flow easily through the vessels and can reach the heart and get distributed normally too.

Then there are those types of high blood pressure medicine that work in a manner that is very similar to how ACE inhibitors work. These are known as nervous system inhibitors. The blood vessels are again affected by a number of factors and in this case it could be because of hormones or any other factor that is yet to be discovered. The blood vessels are relaxed by the nervous system inhibitors so that the blood flow is normalized and the blood pressure is lowered in the process.