Types Of Herbs

Learn about and discuss the types of herbs. Herbs are the plants which are useful in many purposes. It can help in cooking, for medication purpose or for scents. Most common use of herbs is in culinary purposes. There are many different types of herbs which are usually used in cooking. It adds flavor and enhance the taste buds of any cuisine. Different parts of this plant are used, for cooking mostly leafy part of a plant is utilized while, for medication and perfumes, other parts like stem, seeds, roots and fruits are also been used. Here are some of the various types of herbs mostly used in culinary purposes.


Oregano is among those types of herbs which are mostly used in Italian cuisines. It enhances the flavor of soups, stew, sauces and many marinating dishes. It has its own unique fragrance and freshly green color with a crispy nature. It gives food an exceptional taste and texture. It is advisable to use fresh green oregano, yellow and dry brown oregano leaves can eradicate the flavor of food.


Mints are very common types of herbs, which can easily go with any kind of cuisine. It can be used in salads, starters, juices, garnishing as well as in desserts. Mint has its sweet aromatic flavor which adds value to the food. It is very crisp, fresh and vibrant in color; it can be preserved easily without getting it stale. There are more than 30 different types of mint that can be used in cooking as well as it served as a good medication for acne and skin problems.


Basil is considered as a royal herb by many expert chefs. It is among those types of herbs which are used mostly in Asian dishes. It is also used in continental cuisine, but it is more famous in Indian recipes. Basil enhances the beauty and taste of food with its freshly green leaves and unique aroma. Basil is also useful for healthy living, it is good for cholesterol and blood pressure as well as it contains high antioxidants.


Parsley is among those types of herbs which are used mostly for garnishing purpose. It gives the dish a final touch and first taste to the mouth. It is sprinkled on the top of the dish to give a vibrant green color and mouthwatering taste. Parsley other than culinary purpose also helps in various other things, it is a good source of vitamin A and C, it also serve to get rid of bad breath, and it is also helps to improve menstrual cycle.


Thyme is among the most versatile herb used in many types of cuisine including Italian, Indian, Spanish, Pakistani, Turkish, French and Greek. There are more than 50 types of thyme available in the market and each has its different taste. Some of the thyme is sweet in nature, some are sour, and some are mixture of sweet and sour taste. Thyme is very good for body as it have antiseptic nature.