Types Of Hepatitis

The types of hepatitis are categorized on the basis of different hepatitis viruses. There are total five types of hepatitis. Type-A, type-B, type-C, type-D and type-E are the types of hepatitis. Apart from these types, hepatitis is further divided into four main categories called as viral hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis, autoimmune hepatitis and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases. Type-A, type-B and type-C are the subtypes of viral hepatitis.

Viral hepatitis:

There are three different types of viral hepatitis. The main reason behind this kind of hepatitis is the exposure to different kinds of viruses.


These are caused by a virus called HAV (Hepatitis A Virus). Food and water can get infected from this type of virus and the person who eats or drinks the infected food or water respectively can get affected to hepatitis-A. Another reason for it is oral sex. The chances of hepatitis-A are larger when anal-oral sex contact is made during the sex. This is a short term disease that doesn’t lead to chronic and liver cancer like problems but it can surely cause distension and soreness in the liver. This type of hepatitis can be recovered completely. As compared to the other types of hepatitis, type-A has milder symptoms.


These are caused because of the blood transfer between two people. The virus that causes hepatitis-B is called HBV (Hepatitis B Virus). The chances of spreading of hepatitis increases when contact with the infected person’s semen, blood, or other body liquid are made. It is considered as STD i.e. sexually transmitted disease. The main causes of hepatitis-B are listed below.

– An unprotected sexual intercourse with the tainted person.

– Drug needles sharing.

– Designing a tattoo or body stabbing with the grubby needles and other tools.

– Sharing of personal items such as shaving brush, shaving bled, and toothbrush with an infected person.

– This disease can get transferred from mother to child during breast feeding.


HCV i.e. Hepatitis C virus is the main reason behind hepatitis-C. This type is similar to that of hepatitis-B. Unlike the hepatitis-B, hepatitis-C can cause chronic or liver cancer like diseases. The chances of chronic infections are large in this type as compared to the other types of hepatitis. All blood banks carry out the hepatitis-C test before accepting or donating the blood.

Alcoholic Hepatitis:

This is the most common among the other types of hepatitis. These can be caused by the excess exposure to addictions such as smoking, and alcohol intakes. The common symptoms of alcoholic hepatitis embrace swelling of the liver, fluid increment into the stomach, and liver enzymes increment.

Non-alcoholic fatty hepatitis:

These are totally opposite to that of alcoholic hepatitis. These are mainly found into the body of a person who has a large size liver. Alcohol never affects into the increment or decrement of this type of hepatitis. This type can cause permanent liver failure. These are considered as the most dangerous among the other types of hepatitis when the last level of disease is reached.