Types Of Hats

What are the different types of hats? Hat is a piece of paraphernalia that we wear on the head. There are many different uses and styles of these hats that you can opt to wear in different occasions. There are also quite a lot of reasons why one would opt to wear a hat. This being said, you will get introduced with many different types of hats that you can choose to use in whatever occasions or reasons. There are so many different types of hats. Read on and get to know some of them one by one.

The ascot cap is a hard cap used by men mostly. They are most commonly used during fall or winter, or in other words during the cold season. Among the different types of hats this is the one similar to the flat cap and mostly comes in a single color.

A balaclava is among the types of hats similar to the ski mask. It covers the whole head but exposes the face. Most people use this hat during the Crimean war, mainly to protect the soldier’s faces from the cold weather too.

Next would be the baseball cap. Among all the types of hats, this is the one that is most commonly used until now. The baseball cap is comprised of a soft cap in a rounded crown. But the main distinctive characteristic of the baseball cap would be the duck bill like peak that protrudes the front. The name baseball cap came from the origin of this hat as it was first used as part of the traditional baseball uniform.

From the different types of hats, the beanie is the one resembling the baseball cap without the visor. The beanies are made from triangular sections of cloth joined by a button in the middle. This is why there was once a boom in propeller beanies. These are beanies that have propellers in lieu of the buttons in the middle of it.

Among the types of hats, one of the most common would be the fedora. Fedoras are usually worn by men and are characterized by a soft felt with a medium brim. A famous icon wearing a fedora would be Indiana Jones.

The hard hat is among the types of hats that are more on function than fashion. You see, a hard hat is a hat that you most commonly see being worn by construction men to ensure that their head is protected from falling debris. These hats are made from hard plastic and characterized by a reinforcement ridge in the middle to ensure its strength.

A party hat is the type of hat that is, well, used in parties. It is characterized by a conical shape and is usually made out of cardboard. Being that it is mostly used in parties party hats are of many different lively and vibrant colors and designs.

These are just a few of the many different types of hats. You see, there are indeed a lot more types of hats that you can opt for. Depending on your fashion statement, budget, and even the occasion where you are going, you can get a hat that will surely suit you.