Types Of Hard Drives

Discover Types Of Hard Drives. Hard drives are like the memory of a computer or a device. They are the component that are responsible for storing the data created even when the appliance is turned off. There are many different types of hard drives, each having their own advantage and disadvantage associated to them. The different types of hard drives there are depend on the kinds of computers that they are installed into. The thing that defines one hard drive from another is the amount of storage space that it can hold, the speed that it can transfer information from one appliance to another, and the type of computer that it is installed into. The most common types of hard drives in today’s market are SCSI, SATA and PATA.

The types of hard drives that are installed into computers are one of two different forms, the enterprise class hard drive and the desktop hard drive. The enterprise type is meant for 24×7 i/o function they can hold up to 100% of the data required with great reliability, but they are sometimes expensive and if something does happen, you have lost everything. The desktop hard drive can perform for up to 8 hours before they need to be backed up. Although more inconvenient, they are better protection for your data and considerably less expensive

Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment or PATA is another types of hard drives. Also known as Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics EIDE or Integrated Drive Electronics of IDE. They are specified as one or another by the way that they interface from the disk drive to the computer motherboard of the computer. They either use a 80 or a 40 wire cable, the 80 wire giving a faster performance. Many of these types are being replaced by SATA hard drives.

Serial ATA, or SATA hard drives are completely different than the other types of hard drives. They have a different power adapter and are much more easily sustained. The main upgrade of these from the PATA is that they are smaller in size and can interface much quicker. they use less power and are more efficient.

Small Computer System Interface, or SCSI are characteristically similar to the IDE hard drive, and they rotate at increased rate from the IDE and SATA comparison. A SATA will normally spin at a rate of 7,200 rpm, while SCSI can be as quick as 10k to 15k rpm. That is important because the faster the rotation, the more quickly you are able to access the data contained on them. Another difference is that they require a controller to interface between the computer board and the drives.

Solid State Drives of SSD are the only type that do not have any moving components to them. Other drives function through spinning disks which are magnetic to store data, the SSDs use a different technology, semiconductors to perform the function of data storage. For that reason, they are less likely than their counterparts to experience breakdown. Although a bit pricier than the other types, they have a tendency to last longer and be more reliable.