Types Of Government Jobs

There are many different Types Of Government Jobs. The Department of Labor in the USA says that as of the year 2010, the USA government has employed more than two million skillful employees and it is considered to be the USA’s biggest employer. There are so many types of government jobs that are discussed below.

Technology & Business– A lot of types of government jobs are related to business sectors. These sectors in business include marketing, human, resources, finance, accounting, economics and management. Government agencies that are related to business include the offices in the Congressional Budget Office, the Department of Treasury, the Federal Reserve System and the Department of Commerce. Furthermore, as technology develops more and more, specialized types of government jobs such as in computer programming, information technology and computer science are required.

Engineering & Science– Since science is a broad field, there are also a great number of types of government jobs offered in areas such as astronomy, biology, botany, environmental studies, physical science, forestry and agriculture. Government agencies related to science include those offices in the Smithsonian Institution, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture. Government agencies have missions and thus they require the skill of an engineer. Various types of government jobs are offered in this sector, for instance, the skill of an electronic engineer is required in the Department of Transportation, a mechanical engineer in the Department of the Army, a civil engineer in the Department of Energy or a general manager is very important in NASA.

Education, Social Work & Medicine– Various types of government jobs are required in areas related to Medicine which include Health Policy, clinical, research and public health positions. Health job titles vary such as medical records technicians, medical technologists, pharmacists, doctors and nurses. Government agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Health Department and Human Services, and the Veterans Affairs Department have several work reserved for social workers. In the education sector, the skills of instructional systems specialists, public health educators, vocational rehabilitation specialists, librarians and teachers are required.

International Relations & Foreign Languages– Due to the terrorist attacks in 9/11, the number of jobs related to International Relations and Foreign Languages has increased widely. International relations and foreign language skills have become very important in the offices of the National Security Agency, the Department of Justice, the International Development Agency, and the Department of Homeland Security. International Relations and Foreign Languages job titles vary such as intelligence specialists, foreign affairs officers, counter terrorism analysts and linguists.

Law Enforcement &Law– Different types of government jobs are offered to civilians with positions related to law enforcement and written law. With legal degrees, judges, paralegals, legal assistants and attorneys are positions that are also considered important in the government. Several types of government jobs related to law enforcement are also required such as FBI against, border patrol agents, correctional officers, criminal investigators, and police officers. Agencies related to Law include the Department of Justice, the Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense, and Homeland Security Department.