Types Of Government Grants

Are you searching for different types of government grants? if yes then you are at right place:

The grants from any government are very necessary for people to enhance and grow their businesses. Without the support of the government it will be difficult to start a business. There is a wide variety of grants that a government can offer to its business people. The most important in them is cash. But there are various others that are also important. We are discussing here few important types of government grants:

Direct grant:

Direct grants are one of the important types of government grants. These are in the form of cash. These grants can be offered in the form of export development, trainings, business speculation projects and employment sectors.

Repayable grant:

Here the grants are offered for the completion of any project. The purpose is that in these projects the totals can be repaid out for the revenues of the future. But if the project gets failed the grant is not repayable.

Soft loan:

This is one of the safe types of government grants. In this type the business men can get a loan from the government to establish their work. This is also known as soft loan because the terms and conditions are quite flexible. The interest criteria is quite less and even sometimes it is interest free.

Free or subsidiary consultancies:

This is a very unique and quite helpful type of government grants. This is not related to the cash services, but a different type of support. Those newbie who are going to start their business in a form of small or large organizations and do not know the real marketing processes the government is providing consultancy programs that they can avail. Some of them are free of cost but some are with fewer fees. These consultancies are quite helpful in grooming and shaping their skills. Sometimes common used commodities are also being offered by the government to provide them to the people on subsidized rates. Whole commodity or some portion of that commodity is paid by the government to give some relaxation to the common people in the country.

Access to resources:

Some small organizations that are not possessed some important physical resources or facilities that are necessity for some projects like research projects and development projects. In these projects some of the equipments are necessary to accomplish the projects. The government here helps its business sector by providing them some schemes like in research projects the Ministry of Defense helps in this regard.

Transfer of Technology:

This is another type of government grant that is referred to technology. Sometimes small companies or individuals laid down some research to develop a thing that if produced on large scale can help common people a lot. In this case, either purchase the technology along with its rights are purchased by the government to produce this technology on a larger to help out people or provide grant to that individual or company to develop that on large scale so that common people can be benefitted from that technology.