Types of Girl Scout Cookies

What are the different types of girl scout cookies? The girl scout of the USA (GSUSA) is a youth organization in the United States of America which was formed by Juliette Low in 1912. This organization is meant to teach young girls on the main values of honesty, fairness, courage and sisterhood among others. Since 1917, the girl guides have used the Girl Scout cookies to raise funds for their organization. These cookies have gained so much popularity among young girls in the past few years. In 2007, an estimated 200 million cookies were sold. This upward trend continues to date. Over the past years, there have been a number of types of Girl Scout Cookies in the market. This is attributed to the popularity and the creativeness of the organizers. Some of these types are discussed below.

The mints

Of all the other types of Girl Scout Cookies this type has sold 24% in sales. The ingredients used to prepare the cookie are: flavor, egg, cocoa powder, and salt, white sugar, butter and chocolate. The cookie is thin and has a mint flavored chocolate coating.

Caramel deLites

This type of Girl Scout Cookies is vanilla coated in caramel. This is also sprinkled with toasted coconut and has chocolate stripes. He ingredients used to prepare this cookie is: sugar, caramel, water, butter, vanilla extract, corn syrup and granulated sugar. Of the cookies named in this article, the sales of the caramel deLite were 19% meaning that their popularity was actually good.

Peanut Butter patties

These are also called tagalongs. They are a layer of peanut butter which is covered with chocolate. The ingredients used to prepare the peanut butter patties are: soda, flour, egg, vanilla, peanut butter, white sugar and brown sugar. 13% of these cookies were sold.

Peanut butter sandwiches

In contrast to the peanut butter and jelly sandwich (PB&J) which includes a layer of peanut butter being placed in between a slice of bread, the Peanut butter sandwiches prepared by the girl scouts are placed in between crunchy oat meal cookies. Some of the ingredients of these cookies are salt, natural and artificial flavor, ammonium bicarbonate, enriched flour and riboflavin acid. 11% of these cookies were sold.


This is another type of Girl Scout cookies. American biscuits that was traditionally made from the following: White sugar, butter, and flour. The Girl Scout organization decided to prepare an enhanced shortbread to fund their operations. It is also called the trefoils because they were prepared by two bakers who preferred to give them two names. 9% of these cookies were actually sold.


These are short bread cookies that are dipped in chocolate. They had fudge in the bottom side. The main essence of these cookies is the message they carry. Each cookie has the words thank you written on them. They were created to be shared as gifts which enhanced their popularities.

Lemonade Cookies

The lemonade cookies are made using the following ingredients: butter, eggs, granulated flour, baking soda, lemonade concentrates and granulated sugar. The slices of the lemonade cookies have a refreshingly tangy lemon flavored icing on them.

Other types of Girl Scout Cookies are: savannah smiles, dulce de leche, mango creme, thank you berry munch and peanut butter sandwiches among others.