Types Of Genre For Writing

Writing is an art of connecting readers with the content; there are various types of genre for writing which could be categorized according to the needs. Some types of genre for writing are books, articles, autobiography, biography, literature, drama, poem, musical lyrics, journals/letters etc.

Some of the types of genre for writing are jotted in the details below:

Books: Books are said to be the best friends of human being, one gets connected to the humor, thrill, mystery or action in the story written in a book. The contents of books vary from an education course to a time pass or literature. The author has the genre to connect the reader with the content of his book and arouses his interest towards reading.

Articles: These types of genre of writing are a skill with people who has a thought process towards various happenings or topics, articles vary from news articles, magazine article, website articles etc., the major purpose of articles is to provide relevant information to the readers related to the topic so that readers could keep themselves updated.

Poetry: Poetry is an art of writing thoughts into words with a sense of humor and motivation. Poems can be humorous and speaks many things within limited words, they talk about many aspects at a time indirectly, poems are sometimes motivating, they could be assertive and can make one feel calm and quiet. Everything depends on the genre of the writer how he put things under the rhythm.

Biography: biography is the detailed life story of a person, how did he/she attain their position in this world as a renewed personality. Some of the famous biographies are of Hitler, Dhirubhai Ambani, Steve jobs, Einstein etc. the biography leads to motivation to the people to work hard and touch their dreams. Biographies are also used as base stories in movies, dramas or tele shows.

Letters: these types of genre of writing are used majorly to bring into notice important points of the reader as they are precise and talks about the ultimate aim; they do not contain humor or drama. Letters are a formal or informal way of talking to a person with whom one cannot discuss things face to face. Letters are majorly used in professional life to communicate matters with the employers or the higher authority. Letters can be in the form of paper, e- mails, fax, text messages etc.

Essay: essay is mainly written by the author to present his/her point of view towards the topic, essay can be based on direct conversation between two individuals or from a third person’s perspective. Essays are the point of view of the writer towards the topic or discussion, they are meant to put an individual’s way of thinking or perspective.

Types of genre of writing can vary within the above mentioned types as these also contain various genres in itself, the only way to understand is to read the type of genre you have an interest in which could make you feel calm and relaxed as reading / writing are the two skills which relish an individual’s life thought process in words.